Sunday, October 10, 2010


Lesson #8: The miracle is within you.

Today is the day 10/10/10, and it is no coincidence that I write these words. I believe in miracles, and I believe the miracle is coming out from within me right now. It is true that what others think is irrelevant. I will attract the right people, the ones who need and will be inspired by what I have to offer. Every single thing in my life is there because I have created it. Everything. I have complete control over all of the minutes and the life they contain. It is the perception that determines the quality of my life. It is what I feel that determines the experience.

Sometimes it takes some falling in order to learn the most important lessons. I don't consider this failing. The idea of success and failure is a paradigm that the ego has created. It is far from what I identify as the core of my being. It is far from the understanding of who I am. Who I am is something more profound.

What is my being? Who am I?

And the lessons will repeat and repeat until you finally learn them. The lessons are beautiful. They are remarkable. The lessons are what make you strong. You can be anything you want to be. Anything. You want to fly, go fly. I dare you.

You want to cry, go cry. You want to suffer, go suffer. You want to live, go live. And love. If you want to love, then go love. It's that simple. That was the miracle all along. Create your life. No one owes you anything. They universe doesn't owe you anything. You don't deserve anything. You create it. You are a master of your destiny, and this is of the highest order. You want to be a priest, go be a priest. You want to perform miracles, go perform miracles. There is nothing that is stopping you.

I'm not sure I believe in fears. I don't care for silly things. There has to be that, to have this. I have to be scared to death, frightened of my own footsteps, suicidal in my thought, absolutely confused in my perception of who I am and what I want, to know what exists beyond parameters of the conditioned ego and patterns of society. That is what it took for me to know my own miracle. And the miracle is within. It is the spirit of being. It is the life my soul has chosen. It is the calling from the greatest of powers, the greatest of force. It is good, and it is everything. I would not trade a minute, not one minute, of the perceived hardship, for what I feel in the present moment. It was necessary to break down completely, to come to understand and experience the feeling of true release, of true power, and of true love.

I believe in love. I will come to live this reality. It will be my legacy.

"Love completely and everything is included in this". If I believe in one thing, this is it.

These words were spoken by an angel, and I listened to them as the new energy came into the planet. It was something like I've never experienced. It was a feeling, a sense of seeing and understanding so pure, like something I've waited my whole life to experience.

What pulls at your heartstrings? I'm sure of mine. Love for the world. A great love. It's my choice. It's my life. I take responsibility for this path.

and the water flows... the seasons change, i pick a sweet apple from the soft branches of a tree. i'm alone underneath, a woman so bright. the earth is warm beneath my feet, where i stand. the colors, iridescent... as i surrender.