Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Program.

The Create and Live Program, 3 Parts.

“Create and Live”


The mission of this project, is to take a linear eat, breath, live, die system and transform it into a work of art. Imagine a world that we all enjoyed living in. Imagined a world in which we all felt we were a part of. There would be no suffering. There would be no fear. There would be no doubt. And isn’t this what holds us back from opening, from ripening, from enjoying.

I say let’s all join together and hold hands. The metaphor of holding hands is a vision of creativity. I’m painting a picture, and make blue lines, you come up to it and make the branches of a tree, suddenly, someone throws black paint on my beautiful little bird. That’s ok, I’ll wipe it in a certain way and suddenly there is a butterfly, or a building or a house, or a beautiful face. It changes as we change, it grows by the natural progression of life.

This is a program. This is a system. The point of this project, is to teach people how to lift themselves up from the grovels of an older way and chime into the rhythms of nature. The frequency is speeding up and there is new energy. We must allow this to emerge. We must catch up to pace. It is possible.

Happiness is vibrating to the speed of nature. Walk the way nature walks. The only thing holding us back from our own progress and solidarity is being in tune with this pace. There is nothing that can not be done when we feel the chords of our tune and allow the harmony to set us straight, align our backbones, our fundamental structures, with the movement of the harvest system. This is all we are meant to do.

There is no war. There is only life. The program exists in 3 parts.

Part 1: Settle down. Get to know who you are. Figure out what you have to give. What you would like to give. Figure out what would make you feel the happiest, and be very honest.

Part 2: Do the work. Start doing the things that make you happy, start feeling the things that bring you joy. Start loving the things that you love. Start giving. Start living. Start believing.

Part 3: Enjoy what you have done. Really enjoy it. Savor it. Let it linger like a cloud over your head absorbing the sunlight. Feel as if you are sitting on a rock by a river, on a warm crisp day and the water is flowing freely. All you can hear are the sounds of nature, the birds, the creek, the critters in the woods and clouds go by, as clouds go by.

That’s it. That’s the whole program. And what did it take you to do this? 5 simple minutes. That’s all it took. So I can’t believe you if you tell me that you didn’t have time. I simply can’t believe you. You have all the time you can possibly imagine. You have all the joy you can possibly feel. You have all the gifts you could ever manifest. In one lifetime, or a dozen lifetimes, or an eternal lifetime.

Believe in yourself. It’s all you were ever meant to do. It’s all you need to do. For today, for tomorrow, and for all of your understanding.

Watch the birds fly. Let go and release your mind. It’s already inherent that you’ll do a good job. Transformation begins the moment you step up. Transcendence begins the moment you breath in at this new place, in the sight of nature, in the flow of nature, in the vibrations of all that was ever nature. Nature is love, light, divine. Trust. Believe. Live.

Nature is gold. Nature is all. Nature is true. The question is not what can you do to get from the beginning to the end, but rather what can you do to be a part of what is already there.

My answer is simple. It exists in 3 parts: settle down, do the work, and enjoy what you have done. You are the creation. You are the creator. You are the love, in sight and alive, here now, and always as is.

Friday, September 24, 2010

i have a 2b mars lumograph pencil made in germany

my only wish in this lifetime, is to draw what i see as honestly and truly as i can, to communicate my reality, to express my journey. if i have done this, then i have lived successfully.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

come hell or high water, we'll go on creating

quoting Henry Miller: "As for the subdominant, the thought is-- don't wait for things to change, the hour of man is now, whether you are working at the bottom of the pile or on top, if you are a creative individual you will go on producing, come hell or high water. And this is the most you can hope to do. One has to go on believing in himself, whether recognized or not, whether heeded or not. The world may seem like hell on wheels-- and we are doing our best, are we not, to make it so? -- but there is always room, if only in one's own soul, to create a spot of Paradise, crazy though it may sound."

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Big War Within

Lesson #7: Let go of the smaller wars, for the bigger war within yourself.

Most people have been doing things backwards their entire lives. They're been meddling in the wrong things, producing results that seem beyond their control. The good news is, it's within your control. Most people have been feeding into smaller wars outside of themselves. They've been doing this merely by thinking about it, putting their energy into it, as it grows and dims their own light. By giving these things your energy, you detract from what is really important, the questions that you should be asking yourself. Big questions that will lend to big results with the appropriate focus, intention and awareness. Smaller battles, will lend to hurt and pain, and the same frustrating and agonizing things you've been attracting your entire life. The question is not, why did this person hurt you, but rather what am I afraid of? How do I embrace that fear and rise above the dramas of the past.

Here's how. First of all, you take a pause to breath. Then you let go of whatever it is. Let go of it right now. Let it fall into the earth. The earth is soft and cool and powerful beyond measure. It can take this tiny morsel of fear from you. Trust it to do so. Now when all the fear has gone into to the ground, allow the loving, compassionate mother energies to rise into your being, to awaken from your heart, as you breath in and breath out. Breath deeply and truly until there is nothing you feel except these powerful, radiant energies. Let it grow. Let it rise. Relax into this awareness. If there is anything that is true about this life. This is it. This is what is important to remember, to hold onto, to become with all of your heart and intention, with all of your attention and focus.

It's possible to love. It's possible to let go. It's possible to be that truth that is you, and to be nothing but this, ever, at any given, for all of your life. It's possible to be liberated in this lifetime, to transform, transcend and manifest your most noble potential.

Now once you have done this, you can begin to feel what is real. Your fears, your truth, your purpose, your beauty, your vision, your dreams, your heart. The chaos of the outer world, the dramas of what you think is painful, awful, almost overwhelming for you to handle, actually is nothing. It diffuses away. Trust this process. This is good.

What do you see when you reach inside that warm place in your center? How do you feel? What are you doing?

I see myself reaching out to others. Caring about them, helping them through their problems, helping them see the truth that is who they are. I see myself big and radiant, strong and wise, noble and powerful in this light. There is an untouchable wisdom in this truth that is protected and embraced by all that is real. This power can do anything. It can unlock the mysteries within, the infinite powerful that we have come here to learn about, experience and understand. It is the reason we have manifested the lives we are living. There is no other way but this.

This is the important question. What are you? What are you afraid of? And how do you rise above that fear? How does that thing that is you grow big and strong and stable, on into all the days of your life. Hold on, step up, and take good notes. Record your progress, and practice how you do it.

So I ask you now. Be brave enough to let go of the smaller wars. They do not serve you. They are not worth your attention. Do you know why? Because they are not real. They are illusions.

What is real?

Your truth. What you have come here to do, say and become. This is what must emerge. And right now is the most perfect time to begin this process, to allow this to be. This moment, try and see for yourself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Live in the Present Moment

Lesson #6: Step into Power.

Step into power. You are in control of your own life, and in any given moment you can decide how you want it to be. If you so choose, power can be a very good thing. And the more people living this reality, and stepping into the power of their own core purpose and light, the more change we see in the world, the more progress we make. This is it. This is how you do it.

I visualize a world where meditation is as common as checking your facebook account. I visualize a world free of stress, free of limitations, free of sadness, full of hope, joy and love.

I visualize a world where we are taught to do more, know more, feel more. Where our hearts are safe to speak, breath and contemplate. Where our actions are based on our values, our principles, our ideas that come from a space sacred and deep within our core. I visualize a world where power is in the hands individual, or rather, a world in which the individual knows that he has power, and it’s good and will shape his world, and he uses it as he chooses.

The biggest shift that needs to happen in our present society, is our perception of power. Power has received a negative association. It’s been distorted, twisted, and misused for as much time as their has been, for as much history as we may recollect. In our present state, we have a valuable opportunity. No longer must we believe this. It is indeed time to shift this perception.

Who said you can’t do the things you dream of doing? Who said you can’t live that way? Who said you can’t make your own rules? The disorder of our time is our perception of power. There is no drug that will solve this problem. I don’t care who you are, or who says your problem is this or that, this is how you change your reality. There is no medical solution. If you are complicating the matter, stop now. It’s simple. This is what you have to do. Close your eyes. Center yourself. Breath. Imagine that thing inside of you that is you. Imagine it expanding. It’s bigger. Imagine it growing past all the small wars you’ve fought up until now. Imagine yourself caring deeply about others. Imagine yourself changing your world with this thing that is you. Imagine doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. It's real and it's alive and it's now.

Shift gears to the present moment. Stop living in our hopes for tomorrow. That implies a lack in today. And if you keep going in this direction you will continue attracting this lack and everything in your life will never be good enough. Stop now. Relax. Breath. It’s time to live.

Step into power. You know what you need to know. Today is your chance to be as your choose, for yourself and no one else.

You are part of all that ever was, all that ever will be, and all that is. And this is good.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shoulders Back

Lesson #5: Keep your shoulders back.

Keep your shoulders back. Hold yourself like a noble creature. The energy that you hold will be reflected around you. If you want to change your life, change the way your hold yourself. You are a master of your own destiny. Be careful what you say to yourself. You can go any direction at any given time.

My choice is the positive choice. This is the only option for me.

I speak in the present tense. I am all that I've ever wanted to be, and I visualize my dreams as true. I watch this expand, and with it I fly.

Heart to the sky, shoulders back, spine straight, head up tall. I've got all that I need inside of me, and I bring this forward.