Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming out of denial is fun

Coming out of denial is fun. Lies suck and everyone knows it. Most people are in denial. Most people have no idea who they are or what they want. Most people cling to their issues, dramas and illusions.

Get over it.

It's better to be knocked down with the truth, stripped bare, broken to pieces with no choice but to stand up strong in the light of your own power than spend the rest of your life dancing around bullshit.

Stop lying to yourself. You are safe to face the truth. You are safe to blossom. You are safe to awaken.

Awakening is gentle and radiant. You will know it when you feel it, when you see it, when you become it. You will know it when you emerge.

Then you say, my God, I can't believe I was that way. I can't believe I was so caught up in my drama. I can't believe I danced around these illusions like they were viable. I can't believed I screwed up that bad.

Relax, it's ok. You were asleep, now you're waking up. That's all there is to it. Different degrees of awareness, simple as that.

No need to abuse the self. This is never useful. No need to punish yourself for what you didn't know. You've already suffered enough. You might as well allow yourself to relax into a greater knowing, a greater feeling, a greater sense of living. After all, this is what love is, and it's always available to you, at any given moment, at any given time, no matter what. Love wants to see you awaken so bad, to see a perfect realization of itself, to see a light it's never seen before. That's the whole point of all of this. That's the whole point.

Coming out of denial is fun. Love gets to see itself again, another way, another light, emerging whole and fresh.

It's ok. You are safe. All you have to do is wake up, shake off that past, get through and become something true.

Beauty is all around. Beauty is the experience of life in its fullness, in the awareness of the heart. This runs through all things, in the most powerful way. Like a river. When you are in your flow, everything will be amazing.

Find your flow. That'll take coming out of denial. It'll take recognizing things you've been running from. It'll take staring at yourself face on and realizing that you are all you really ever have to deal with. The only war is with your own demons. The greatest joy is victory over them and being who you really are, which is more powerful than anything you've probably ever considered.

Don't worry that it took you so long to get here. Be grateful that you are here now. Celebrate where you are in this journey. Embrace this joy, allow yourself to feel it. Let the river run through you and carry you on to where you are going, in the light of your destiny, your awakening.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creating your territory

It's important to create one's space, domain, territory. Perhaps this is the most important thing. It's important to have a intimate relationshop with one's tools.

When entering one's territory, you give yourself permission to let anything go that is not yours. It is always best to rely on your own energy, for everything.

How can you possibly know who you are, if you don't have a place to go and seek? You can't wait for the great opportunity to come, the moments of inspiration to strike, the grand vision to emerge, if you haven't effectively cultivated your own personal sacred space.

Space is everything. It is the secret to awakening one's self and growing in authentic power. And essentially, this is what will change the world. More and more and more people awakening to their power, in the light.

The clearer the vision, the more real it becomes. You can't get anywhere without vision.

Self-awareness is about creating the space to blossom, the space to grow, the space to realize. A realized self is not something to be ignored. It is awesome. It is everything. We are all here to realize who we are.

The creation of your sacred space should be your number one priority. Anything that comes in the way of this is an excuse, your own resistance, no matter how serious the demand seems to be. There is nothing that is more important than your awakening. Only then will you be able to give to the one's you love, give to the world and share in your own way.

We are all here for a reason. We all have something to say. And we all have an indelible way of saying it.

Create your space and do the work you are here to do.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Evolving or Dying

Are you growing or dying?

Are you resisting change?

Change is good. Change is fun. Change is progress.

The resistance wants you the same.

"Everything is going to be alright" is not the same as "Everything is going to stay the same."

Humility is always the answer. What you see in others, you have in yourself. What you love, admire, behold in others, you have in yourself. What you resent, what disturbs you, what angers you, you have in yourself.

Work on the self. Grow. Change. Evolve.

Every moment we are either evolving or dying. Every moment is a chance to become or a chance to wither.

Every moment we always have the choice, a chance, an opportunity.

The question is not how to do this thing, what to do, or even where are we going.

The question is always, who am I? By putting attention on this question, you offer yourself a chance to awaken. Simply by noticing, you have an opportunity to blossom.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm going forth, renegade style
I'm letting go, to the great unknown
I'm marching on, to the light of something new

I'm going to be good at it
I'm going to fly

I see a power, fierce, intense, strong as the sun
I see a cliff, I'm about to jump off
I see a path, that's never been forged

I walk fearless through the darkest night
I walk fearless through the thorny patch

I'm emerging
I'm following the feeling
I'm doing it today

Everything has led up to this point

Enough despair

Let's talk about excitement
Let's talk about beauty
Let's talk about doing it regardless of limitations

Let's do it well
with all we have

Let's do it again and again and again
Until we die a sweet and willing death

I don't care what you've been through
I don't care how hard it was
It was hard for a lot of people
It was hard for a long time

I'm talking about hope now
I'm talking about feeling deeply

Even if it hurts
then letting it go

Just let it go

Believe in dreams come true
Believe in angels singing to you
Believe in love

It's time now to be silent
and hear the great calling of your heart


It rings clear
It always has
And it wants to give so badly

It wants to awaken

Monday, February 20, 2012

What is joy? Delighting in a child's spirit, connecting with a loved one, understanding something for the first time.

What about a bigger feeling? What about a greater awareness? What about an inner knowing that will support you, as far as you're willing to go?

Delight vs. Contentment. Delighting in the simple things in life, having a good time, sharing stories, memories, feelings.

Then there is you. There is what you create. There is something only you know, feel and understanding. That is what will bring you peace. That is what will bring you deep satisfaction. That is what will bring you ease.

You should always look for the people that reflect this greater self, the greater understanding, the greater destiny. Seek these people, and simply walk away from the rest. No need to be distracted. No need to lesson yourself to make others feels better. No need to deny yourself all the things you already know.

As Marrianne Williamson says, "It is not that we fear we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure..."

What makes you feel powerful beyond measure? Perhaps this is what will bring you joy. Perhaps this is what will bring you deep inner peace. The idea is to be who you are.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversations Outside of the Fish Bowl

Within the fish bowl are all the things in life that are insignificant. The traffic, the divorce, the paper work, the parking tickets, the fees, the bullshit...

For lack of a better word, let's call it bullshit. I'm not afraid to say bullshit, and I don't think you should be either.

Somehow, I got outside of the fish bowl. Once you are outside of the fish bowl, you can't ever go back. There's no possible way.

Within the fish bowl are the "silly things", the "illusions", the stuff that doesn't matter.

Outside of the fish bowl is truth, laughter, love, passion, integrity, power, stuff that matters.

I'm interested in talking to you outside of the fishbowl. I'm interested in knowing how you feel, what you have to say, what enlivens you. I'm interested in laughing with you, outside of the fishbowl.

Life is moving too fast for anything else. I don't think there's time, for anything else.

It's time to make a decision. What are you going to pay attention to? Who are you going to listen to? Your voice, or the little fish swimming around the same tree. The same tree. The same tree. The same tree.

The water is stale, in the fish bowl. The trees are plastic. Little goldfish, float to the top.

Outside the air is clear, and the trees so big, the sun bright and you and I are laughing.