Friday, March 30, 2012

Evolving or Dying

Are you growing or dying?

Are you resisting change?

Change is good. Change is fun. Change is progress.

The resistance wants you the same.

"Everything is going to be alright" is not the same as "Everything is going to stay the same."

Humility is always the answer. What you see in others, you have in yourself. What you love, admire, behold in others, you have in yourself. What you resent, what disturbs you, what angers you, you have in yourself.

Work on the self. Grow. Change. Evolve.

Every moment we are either evolving or dying. Every moment is a chance to become or a chance to wither.

Every moment we always have the choice, a chance, an opportunity.

The question is not how to do this thing, what to do, or even where are we going.

The question is always, who am I? By putting attention on this question, you offer yourself a chance to awaken. Simply by noticing, you have an opportunity to blossom.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm going forth, renegade style
I'm letting go, to the great unknown
I'm marching on, to the light of something new

I'm going to be good at it
I'm going to fly

I see a power, fierce, intense, strong as the sun
I see a cliff, I'm about to jump off
I see a path, that's never been forged

I walk fearless through the darkest night
I walk fearless through the thorny patch

I'm emerging
I'm following the feeling
I'm doing it today

Everything has led up to this point

Enough despair

Let's talk about excitement
Let's talk about beauty
Let's talk about doing it regardless of limitations

Let's do it well
with all we have

Let's do it again and again and again
Until we die a sweet and willing death

I don't care what you've been through
I don't care how hard it was
It was hard for a lot of people
It was hard for a long time

I'm talking about hope now
I'm talking about feeling deeply

Even if it hurts
then letting it go

Just let it go

Believe in dreams come true
Believe in angels singing to you
Believe in love

It's time now to be silent
and hear the great calling of your heart


It rings clear
It always has
And it wants to give so badly

It wants to awaken