Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Diversify and Limit

Diversify your talents. Get to know everything. Do as much as you possibly can to know as much as you possibly can about everything. Play the guitar, play the saxophone, play the piano, the hand drums. If you can pick it up and do it, do it. If you have pencil and paper, write something, whatever comes up. Practice yoga, all kinds and meditate. Sing, everywhere and with anyone. Do as much as you can to expand, evolve and nurture your spirit.

And limit yourself, to one thing and be brave enough to be a master. As you diversify your talents, you will nourish your creative spirit and prepare yourself for your soul's true calling. You'll get an idea while playing a tune on the banjo, you'll see things from a new light while running in the park, your body will be postured and aligned, ready for action at your work while stretching in yoga. The benefits of daily meditation will change your life, so that you will become the best at what you do the best, what comes most naturally, what your soul needs, who you are at your core, your true self.

It is a mature artist that has considered many different materials, ideas, ways of expressing a vision, disciplines and arrived at a conscious decision to commit to your own personal vision. It takes time and work. There's no easy way to get to this point. You have to experiment and get through all the frustrations, doubts and fears just like everyone. Perseverance makes the master. Good disciplined work makes the star. If you know what you're doing, if you've decided on your scope, if you've committed to your vision, if you've limited your materials, when the great moment comes, which it will if you don't give up, you will be ready and strong. You won't flounder.

I feel very strongly about being a well rounded individual. I feel very strongly about being the master of one thing that is very personal to you. I feel very strongly that if you do this, you will attract a niche audience that needs what you have to offer. You will thrive.

Diversify and limit. Get to know who you are. Follow every impulse. There does not serve you to say, "I can't play a guitar, I'm a painter not a musician." That is limiting and will constrict you from your true potential. Figuring out how to play a song on the guitar will free space in your mind to find new ways of understanding, it will build new connections, create new memories, establish new sensations and could very well be the catalyst to powerful ideas crucial to your work. The muscle memory that you build, the sensory stimulation that awakens you and the imaginative nature of doing something that is entirely new to you will enhance the possibility of you doing your life's great work better. And that's the goal. That is always the goal.

By narrowing your focus, scope and materials, you're acknowledging to your being, that you're ready to take this work seriously. You've tried everything, you've studied what you could and now you're ready to make bold steps forward. Now your ready to create a movement, a niche, a new way of understanding, and that is priceless. That is exactly what this world needs most. You are invaluable not only to your field but to your audience. You will establish vital connections that will take you further. You might even discover something completely new that changes the world for the better. It's possible to reach these kinds of goals in this lifetime.

I am going to give this idea my best effort. Diversify and limit. Be a complete person, able to hold discussions with anyone, able to feel deeply and expand the spirit, able to perceive the world from any angle, from any possibility, able to raise consciousness and establish relationships that will carry your work on way beyond your lifetime. You will be ready for anything.

Be a priceless human being. That's what this world is hungry for.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where is your focus?

Focus on the feeling. Focus on the question. Focus on the reward.

Where is your focus?

Be decisive to clarify your vision.

Choice is redemptive. I'm realizing that it's not really so much about knowing what you're doing than it is about making decisions. Power is a decision.

When you take the first steps and make decision, the creative process will take over and you will figure things out as you go. There's no clear vision from the onset. You follow through the steps one by one and gradually your vision becomes clear. You are not an engineer, you are an artist. However having an engineers decisive call to action is exactly what you need.

Chances are great that what you end up with, what you develop, what you create, will be far from what you started with. It's a lot of small steps and the steps appear to you one by one as you evolve your work.

In the beginning, it is dark. You start with a hunch, a gut feeling, a vague idea. The most important part is that you start. Our creative spirit will make decisions based on the very first one. Remember, if you are afraid to make that first decision, just do something. When you do, you allow the consciousness of your being to evolve. Your brain will start figuring out what the next decisions are. It will start figuring out how to make things work. It will find its way to resolution. Your brain, the creative flow, when put together, is remarkably powerful.

There's no instruction manual for great art. All the genius's of our time know this. It is a slow and steady process and sometimes it comes together in huge leaps and bounds. Sometimes the best stuff happens with no idea what's going on.

Have courage to make decisions. And as you do, step by step, your vision will become clear.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

If you're not inspired, you have no mojo

If you're not inspired then you have no mojo. The worst thing for an artist is to feel creativity blocked, your personal voice stifled, the flow stuck. It's agonizing, simply agonizing.

It's not really about content, it's about style, mojo, moxie, hotness. That's what it's about. And if you don't have it, then you'll be spinning circles around yourself, no matter how good you are, how much you have to say, or how much you care. You will die.

And that's unbearable.

What do you do when your feel stifled?

Take breaks. Go on walks, breathe, relax, see a movie, physical activity, preferably outside away from everything always helps me, a connection to nature, a connection to people, dancing, singing, playing, cartwheels, listening to music, make a collage, journal, cook, turn the damn thing upside down and try it another way, radically change things, simplify, obliterate, sometimes black on all the precious parts is just what you need.

There is a way out. There is always a way out. Don't ever give up. If you're stuck, it's ok, give yourself a chance to get unstuck. That's the first step, and I believe the most important one. Giving yourself a chance.

Because if you let the agony take over, you will dig a deeper hole for yourself. You will run more circles, make more excuses, complain to more people, and there is nothing cute about this. No one wants to see, experience or feel this.

Acknowledge the block. Then move forward.

Do something a different way. Go outside, take a long walk, find a new location to work in, rearrange things, clean, detox, make a new schedule, a new agenda, leave town. There are countless approaches to unclogging your sexiness.

Changing your environment is huge. Move things around, take things out, get rid of what isn't working. Find an entirely new approach, new location, new material, new scope, whatever you need to do to feel that good vibe of your true self deep in your guts. Do it and do it well, like the moment is all you have because it is, and it's viable and real and needs to come out of your system in your most creatively charged expression. There's no excuse. You've got it in you.

If it's not working, cut it out. Don't keep it. Don't stay in the agony. It's not worth it. Acknowledge the block, then make a step in a new direction. Sometimes the tiniest of things can be just what you need to stir things up again. Don't keep letting things suck your energy. If it doesn't work, acknowledge it, then let it go, sidestep, get rid of it.

It might mean you must be strong, brave, resilient, all very noble and beautiful things that are highly regarded, sought after and looked up to. What could possibly be wrong with that? Do you see the lesson here?

This will help you later. Acknowledge your process and give yourself some credit. Most importantly, don't ever give up.

Don't ever give up. There's a way out. Your mojo is worth the effort. You came here to thrive. You deserve to thrive. You deserve your mojo, juicy, hotness.

Find a way out. Make it personal. And do it now.

It's not really about content, skill or experience. It's about style, mojo, sure fire hotness. Drop it like you mean it and then back off, let the work speak for itself.

Friday, September 23, 2011

There's no great muse

And the great muse alas, isn't what you thought it was. It's not that glamorous. It's the paint underneath your fingernails, the varnish on your shoes, the dirty desk you work at every day. It's the same old apron that just keeps getting more covered with your paint love stains. That's what it is. It's not that glamorous.

If you think it's glamorous, stick to illusions and TV. It's not art. It's just not. It's dirty, it's hard, it's challenging... but it's yours, and that's priceless.

I think the muse is just having the opportunity to be yourself. It can come in any way, shape or form. You can see a magazine photo, a picture from some trip, or simply, the water bottle on your table. All of which can be equally inspiring, equally viable for your piece of fine art. I think it's all about the work. The daily grind, the getting up and getting to it no matter how you feel. Because it's not glamorous, it never will be.

Trust me. It's not. Who do you think you are to have some great muse? You have to work. Then if you get lucky, it all comes together without you really having to think. That's the best we can hope for. That's the goal, the reward and ultimately what you'll have.

I would give up everything I have simply for these moments. They are the most rewarding and the most genuine. I'm bringing sincerity to the art world. I'm bringing simplicity to this great big life. I'm bringing myself forward. That's all I have to do.

The rest is irrelevant.

What inspires me? Everything. The life I live, the people I meet, my journey, through movie theaters, parks, grocery stores, anywhere, everything, it's all valid. It's all useful. It's my world. I created it.

There's no great muse. Quit looking. Wake up to who you are, what you have, where you are in this moment right here and right now. Then get busy, get dirty, make a mess! That's where the life is, in the struggle, in the figuring out, and if you get lucky, it comes together. That's where ultimately, the magic is, in the work, every day.

There's no great muse. It's simple. All around you, the art is all around you.


Take a deep breathe, inhale and exhale. Take it to the center, ground it out.

Now, get busy. :)

Every artist needs an audience

If you are an artist, you need an audience. You are hungry for that connection, just as you are hungry for the solace to create. You might think that you want to be hidden, kept away from the rush, kept away from the spotlight.

You need the spotlight, like you need the cave, ancient and buried in your heart.

You need the thrill, like you need the exile, a road that belongs only to you.

You need the panic, the fear, the "what if they don't like me and spit me out into a futile fog of destitution and agony."

What if they do just that? That thing I'm scared to death of.

Get over it.

You need them. No matter what they say. You absolutely need an audience. Only then will you be a real artist, forced to grow big and resilient and brave. That will fuel your work more than anything else will.

Who cares what they say. Who cares who they are. Who cares why. Put it out there. Put it out there like you mean it, like it's hot, like it's the only thing that matters, the only choice you've got, the only thing that keeps you alive.

Get it to them. Give it to them. Burn the fire and release it to the world.

Every artist needs an audience. You need a following, you need a spotlight, just as much as you need the source, your own energy, your own imagination, your own precious space. It's what you're here for and nothing else matters.

It's very important to have everything in balance for great work, all the elements connected and aligned. Yourself, centered with your higher calling, your skills sharp and ready for attention, your tools the best you can find, know how to use them, get to know intimately the ones you are most attracted to, your knowledge, expansive, experienced and bright, study everything you can and concentrate on what strikes your interest, and very importantly as well, your audience, hungry, ready and charged for what you've got.

Give it to them and mean it. The connection is vital. Get to know your audience, just as much as you know yourself.

It will keep you growing and pushing and paving a personal path through the unknown and that's all any artist every really wants.

Create your own map

Creating your own map to your life is surely not the easy route to take. In fact, it is the most difficult. But also, I suspect, the most rewarding, the most exhilirating and surely the most satisfying path that there is for any individual, under any circumstance, at any time. It takes fearlessness. I believe everyone has this potential. Everyone however, is not willing to be fearless and create their own map to life.

I think there is something that happens to the spirit when you let go of knowing what's going to happen next. When you renegade your future and make it up as you go. You are forced, through necessity, to grow big. You are forced to get over yourself, to get over the past, to get over any and all drama, limitation and doubt. You are forced to succeed. Otherwise it can be incredibly tempting to sink into doubt, a fear of not "fitting in" (which is bullshit), or any other excuse the mind conceives, and there are plenty, and I suspect they are illusions. Without strength and resilience one could be all too tempted to give up, to look to someone else, something else or some other institution for answers, and this to me is death.

Create your own map. Don't give up, don't give in, it's your life and I guarantee you can make it into what you truly want and need, what is in your soul, your spirit, your higher self. It takes imagination and willpower. It's a strength of the spirit that is uncommon. It takes dedication like nothing else.

I feel this liberation could be the most precious experience. I believe that when you are forced to let go, use your own internal compass and radar, create your own rules as you live, pave your path through any and all circumstance, something happens to the spirit, you simply figure out how to attract what you want most. In no other circumstance can you do this. The ones who know what this is like are the heroes of our world, they are the ones to look up to, to admire, to congratulate. Study what they do, and then drop it like you drop everything else and find your own way. I believe it's possible. I believe it's possible to create your own map to your own life with an aware, awake and abundant heart.

Go fearlessly. The world needs more heroes. You have that potential, no matter who you are are or where you are some great power calls to you and it is very well within you.

Create your own map. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. You are that awesome.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Imperfection makes things charming

Allowing things to be what they are, enjoying the experience, unfolding in a natural order lends itself to charm. Fretting, worrying or trying too hard will sabotage genuine grace. Laziness, apathy or avoidance will not ever give it a chance.

Be what you are and allow your very unique charm to emerge. You will surprise yourself with how lovely you are. Nothing's perfect, in fact it's what's not perfect that makes things irresistibly charming. Letting things be what they are and enjoying the experience is the natural order of life. Childlike creativity in a very adult world is always the place to be.

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Allow your charm to breathe. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Be friendly with the unknown

Most people do everything in their power to effectively avoid the unknown. "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life", they'll say. "What's going to happen to me", they'll think. "Where will I be in 3 months, much less 5 years,", they'll ponder. I know what it's like. I've done it. I've held my breath and wasted precious moments planning, worrying and delaying. I've been a victim to what I'll call the "fear of the unknown".

I realize though, that the unknown is existentially beautiful. It is a landscape like nothing else. It is exciting. It is intriguing. It is in fact, my best friend.

Be friendly with the unknown. Otherwise, you will miss out on exactly what the beautiful unknown is revealing to you. You will miss out on your life.

Be friendly with the unknown. It's the best thing you've got. That's the honest truth. It knows your story, your motivation, your dreams better than anything else. It's got what you want.

The friendlier you are, the more it will give, the more it will favor you, the more it will reveal.

Trust me, running from the unknown is not a pleasant experience. It is painful. It is dreadful. It will keep you locked up in a cage and will destroy any chance you have of enjoying the day, enjoying freedom, enjoying experience, and that we have in abundance.

All we were meant to do in this human form, in this life, in this time, on this precious day, is grow.

We are only meant to grow. If the unknown did not exist, we would not grow. We would vanquish. We would implode. We would not be who we are.

We are meant to discover ourselves. Note: Discover.

Discover implies that you don't know already, that you are seeking, you are searching, in fact, you are living.

Being friendly with the unknown, means that you are living. You are embracing what you have with curiosity. You are asking questions with wonder. You are exploring with faith. You are trusting. You are uncovering truth, as simple as can be. Brushing your teeth, you learn. Making your, bed you learn. Walking to work, you learn. Laughing with a friend, you learn. Crying, you learn. Everything, you're learning. If you knew everything you stop living, you die. If you knew everything you would not be human. If you knew everything, you would cease to grow, and growing is all we've come here to do, in whatever shape suites your needs, whatever lessons shape your intent, whatever gifts manifest in your life.

If the unknown did not exist we would die. We need the unknown to be alive. We need the unknown to create. With curiosity, create. With wonder, create. With love, create.

If you fear the unknown, you fear the essence of being alive. You fear the essence of being yourself, and you loose a little more life, moment by moment. With each fear thought, you lessen and lessen your potential to be alive.

The unknown is your friend. With it, comes your greatest gifts, the gift of life, the gift of choice, the gift of awareness, the gift of yourself and connection to others.

Trust the unknown, and more importantly trust yourself. You're ok. You're here for a reason. That's exactly what you need to know. Feel the moment. Be joyful for what it is. Whatever it is is yours.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fear is your ally

I've realized that anything worth doing comes with a quite a bit of fear. If you don't feel fear, it's not worth doing. Simple.

So, what do you do with fear? And how do you get to work on the things actually worth doing? How do you create something worthwhile? How do you make your dreams come true? How do you become the person you were meant to be?

The fear becomes your ally. Get to know it. Become close to it. Do not ignore it and especially do not run from it. If you run from it, you run from the best experiences of your life, you run from yourself, you run from your truth and there is no glory in this path.

I want glory, and I presume if you're reading this, you do as well.

So what do you do with fear? You immerse yourself in it. You do exactly the thing that your fear tells you to stay away from. You get really into it. You don't know what you're doing, chances are you fall flat on your face, chances are, you get incredibly dirty, chances are, you make a complete fool of yourself and the world is laughing.

Are they?

No one's laughing. They're too afraid.

Fear. Dig into it. Dig right into it, with all you can, with all you've got, with every ounce of your blood and sweat and tears. Let your heart beat the fear, let your mind tear it apart, let your hands make it into something completely new.

And behold. You did what you came here to do.

Fear. Love it. Treat it like a lover, a best friend, your life force. Make it known, shout it out, put it on a throne, stare it down, and then step up, face to face and watch it diffuse. Now the throne is yours.

Fear. Get used to it. It's not going away. Not without a fight, not without a test, not without a serious challenge. It's there to make you strong. It's there to make you into something worth caring for, worth looking at, worth praising. It's the only thing you've got. The only thing that will keep you going and make you whole.

Without it, you are nothing. And nothing you will be. Nothing but empty, afraid, and dying to become something real.

That real thing is you. That real thing is standing right there beside every fear you've ever had. The only way to become the real thing, is to walk through the fear. That's the way it is. Nothing will change. No amount of wishing or praying or analyzing will take that fear away. Not a thing.

Your only option, is to make it your ally. Let it excite you. Let it make you step up. Let it shape you into something uncommon, something strong, something real.

Fear. It's your ally. Perhaps it's your only ally. Trust it. It's there for a reason and it's not going anywhere. Your choice, your power, is how you use it, what you do with it, how you handle it, and ultimately, what you become and what you have. It's about how you work with it, how you make it into something.

Create a new system. All in dealing with your fears. Become a new dream. All in walking through your fears. Make a new reality. All in shaping your fears.

Work with your fears or they will definitely work with you and that could be something no one wants to look at. No need to suffer. There's a way out. And it's through your fears. Go now. Don't waste time.

Fear is your ally. Get used to it. Believe it. Make something happen. Become something you love. And do it now, before your time has passed. Are you scared of time passing? Good, that's your ally, now get busy.

I'll see you on the other side. I'll look forward to what you've become.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Beauty

My beauty is not for entertainment.

My beauty is my own divinity.

I answer to no one but my own calling,

as if my awakening is my only purpose.

My mind is not here to dance around riddles,

to hide behind palace walls,

to procreate in ways I could care less about.

My mind is here to speak.

My talent is not here

to clean banquet dishes,

to fold boring wardrobes,

to mend broken dreams.

My talent is here to sculpt,

to nurture, to manifest, to replenish,

to behold, to create visions, as if only for my own eyes.

And my eyes are the eyes of the world.

And that is what I love.

You see the days have past

when I will wait for my turn to shine,

as if it might never come.

I know no one but my own voice,

and if I sit silent any longer,

I will vanquish,

I will implode,

I will detest my own face.

And I refuse.

My beauty is divine.

My love is steadfast.

My hands are strong.

My feet know the way.

It is time to look within.

Find my own answers,

My own dreams.

Find myself.

It is true, a new dawn arises.

One in which a woman

will be recognized for her genius,

embraced for her talent,

and loved for her imagination.

My beauty is not for your entertainment.

My beauty is my own divinity.

And it is my awakening that will be what changes this world. May this be honored as the sole purpose and the driving force behind every women’s life. The rest is a natural flow and an order divine in this light.

I am not here for entertainment. I am here to express my own divinity. I am here to shine, bright, a light that only I know. And that is what will change the world.

Wake up now.

See with your eyes.

See your beauty.

Become what you love.

This was written sometime this summer, 2011, shortly after a dear friend of mine passed away. She was, and still is in my memory and heart, a gorgeous goddess and a muse in my writing and my art. I love you E, and I know you can hear me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunar Energy

I couldn't help notice the power of the full moon these past couple of days. I am feeling intensely creative. I painted a big face of a female figure and wrote a poem. I am also getting many ideas for creative projects and can visualize the future.

Ancient Indian traditions believed that gazing at the full moon improved your eyesight and strengthened your heart.

Now is a good time to detox as the energy of the moon will take away toxins. Fast, stretch, clear your mind with all the ways you know how. Allow your heart to hear what the moon is saying. Feel yourself inside. Feel the clarity of your power.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Thousand

We are all drawn to the great storm
the immeasurable sea
the endless dream.

We all have a story that makes us clench
with questions, we may or may not understand.

We are all revolving around some hope.
Hope for what?
I can hardly say.

Perhaps we want to stand on a mountaintop
in the cool rain. That's all,
just to feel refreshed.

The soft ground, grass earth beneath our feet.
Maybe there's a drumbeat in the back ground,
and sisters around me dancing.

I dance with them, look down and see
a four leafed clover. I stretch down to reach for it,
like a ballet dancer honoring her muse.

I'm not sure what this means.
I give it to my friend in the hopes that we'll
always have this kindred connection.

Spirits drawn together should stay together,
family in this lifetime or any lifetime is priceless.

Only the wind on this cool day
carrying my fears away is comparable.

I look around and see a wooden cross. A fire
emerges, and I am on the top of the mountain.
This is all I want. This is all I'll ever want.

The rest is superfluous, a dream that comes
and goes so easily, so quickly.
This stays in my heart like a still blade,
a sword that paves my way through the unknown
and keeps me safe through a thousand storms.

Can you imagine one thousand of anything?

One thousand heartbeats,
one thousand rainbows
one thousand dreams.

some crushed, some lived,
some explained in a strange dialogue.

Bite a piece off and chew it one thousand times.
You'll know it then.

One thousand sunrises
one thousand poems said to lovers

one thousand scars,
that you can barely heal from
that you can barely stand.

Time changes things but no amount
of beauty takes them from your memory.

Beauty only wakes you startled
to find the sun shining.

You reluctantly emerge.

You are handsome, still enduring,
saved only for your elegance.

Somehow you've managed to learn.

One thousand drums beating at once.

Finally, you're alive.

The great release of passion like thunderstorms,
bonfires, all that is good about night and day.

This is the dream you will remember.

One thousand stolen kisses,
soft and sweet,
harmony and honey,
warmth and trust

A song from your heart,
A remembrance of you innocence,
A reminder that all things come
to the patient and lighthearted.

doors open to all that you've waited for.

One thousand delays.

The traffic of your blood-stream,
You want to move but can't.

That's agony.

The table is set, the guests arrive only in your mind.
You eat long after the hunger has crashed and fallen
and pulled you under and around again
to leave you stranded alone somewhere
you barely recognize.

No apologies, no way home.

One thousand halos of the moon.

Strong and resilient, like your heart.

Finally you can breath beneath this light,
Years of holding this in and finally a release.

The magic within you emerges and suddenly
you know everything. You always knew everything.
You always knew you did.

The difference now is that your tragic confidence
has no power under this light.
Only your truth is seen.
And the voice, the word
that you speak moves mountains.

You stand deeply rooted, soaking up the light
and changing the world.

One thousand radiant moments,
diamonds whether polished or not sing at all hours

One thousands years have past in hopes for these moments.

One thousand of anything will make you feel
and that's all we ever really need to do.

One thousand waves crashing,
one thousand hearts beating,
one thousand questions answered.

It all belongs to you.
It all awakens your world.
It all uncovers your truth--
bloody, heroic, desperate,
alone, overwhelmed, expanded
as big and as bright as one can imagine.

One thousand lives changed,
One thousand eyes opened,
One thousand feet walking,
to the same destination,
to a better world built by
one thousand hands strong, yours, surrounded
by reflections you have created.

Whatever your understanding,
you have as many chances as you can imagine to create
one thousand times, then one thousands times again
over again then again and again.

Until you awaken to the one unifying moment
that is all there ever was and all there ever is.
It knows no number to count, nor can see
the history of all the things you've believed in.

One thousand cycles,
one thousand revolutions,
one thousand systems.

created, destroyed, invented,
manifested, dreamed, crushed,
desired, felt, believed, loved
again and again and again.

Yet in spite of the many times,
the many lives, the many moments,
there is only one. And we are as close
and as free to experience, know and
understand it as we'll ever be,
right here and right now.

I can't tell you how many times I've cried
just to know who I really am.

One thousand times and one thousand times again.

And the bliss is just the way it is,
And the way it will always be.

Here I am. And here you are.
Here we are, one and all.

One thousand memories, beaten and praised,
diffuse, just for this one, open and wide.

One thousand endings,
one thousand sad endings,
one thousand celebrations,
one thousand good days,
one thousand awakenings and
one, here and now.

Us together, honest and vulnerable.

written, 9/11/11

I remember the loss of this day 10 years ago. I pray for the healing of America, in all regards. I pray for change. I pray for truth.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My goals/Life focus

I've narrowed my goals/life focus down to 5 things:

1. art
2. spiritual development
3 eating well
4. physical fitness
5. study/writing

All the things that I do should lead me to these five things. If I'm doing something and I ask myself, "How is this thing helping me reach my goals?" and it's not helping me, then I stop doing it and replace the activity with something that is. If there is anything that is getting in the way of these goals, I simply let it go.

This is true elegance, and nothing is more important. Less is more. Honesty is beautiful. Simple is good, and a whole lot more fun.