Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Let's just go outside in nature. Let's just frolic with the leaves. Let's just walk the way the wind walks, talk the way the trees feel, say everything that's on our minds.

Let's just be the way our heart feels, as if for only one day. For one day, as if by surprise, all the things happened, like whispers of truth. Let's be the wild thing in our heart, let's be the lazy thing on a cold winter day. Let's be explosive too, like a volcano or a flock of sharks swimming without repose or doubt or concern, fierce in their pursuit, or an avalanche in the middle of a furious fleet of ice.

Let's be the birds today. And fly away. To all the places we wish to go. Let's be the insects in the trees, the sticky sap traps our little feet. Let's be a tiny world in a web of infinite space.

Today, as if only for today, let's walk away into the deep place of the woods. Let's meet some fox and stare at him for a long time. His big brown eyes, his red fur, his pause, intense and strong, he won't flinch. What about the presence of danger? How nature stands still and waits for the moment to pass, nothing will tempt surrender.

Survival of the fittest, sure, survival of our hearts maybe more close to the truth.

I think of waves of deer, cattle, birds, following the patterns of weather. They don't think, they don't worry, they live, they run, they go where they must.

Let's walk in nature today, as if only for today, and stay awhile. Long enough to be free. Long enough to let our hair fall with the rain, the night's secrets the owl reveals as he stands on the branch, high in some tree whose limbs live forever.

Let's sleep in the tree. Let's watch ghosts and halos of the moon and the stars and our hearts. Let's fall in webs of spiders, let's float in the lake, catch ourselves on the wet mud, listen to the sounds in the soft ground. Let's fall in the ground, let it all go and feel alive, as if for only today.

Let's go in nature. Let's feel real, as if only for today. And let's live to tell the story of how big our hearts really are.

Let's go away. In nature. Today. As if only for today.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

halo of the moon, a blue star round in the distance
i’m contemplating the legacy of my heart as you
wish for more in the quiet hour

i thought about despair today and then hope
hope not the distant kind not a fleeting land i’d hope
to sail to. but hope like the will and an encouraged word

and an unexpected phone call from friend. that kind of hope
the kind that sustains the kind that fills my belly with sweet sweet
space. it’s like the halo of the moon

the abundance of it’s presence, so full the the times really
are changing. and the the absence, the stillness complete
how i wondered how i’d changed tonight

i thought about it as i sat quietly dreaming how’d i’d grown
how i relaxed i became as my dreams became my breath
sometimes it seems as if the end is never in sight

as if the answer, is but a faint hope for something more
sometimes it seems far away, another age, another time
another mooning that passes, glows, then dissappears

i hoped it would be now. i hoped i would stop waiting
and start becoming. the darkness i would overcome and
fly above the rest. i hoped i would be that strong

i saw an image of the moon flicker, not just in my mind
but in the crystal clear perfection of what is real
speak of brilliance, speak of hope.

sometimes it seems as if the brightness will never come to you
it’s just one more bad story, one more bad dream, one more
wound to stuff away with rest. i don’t believe that anything

can harm me anymore. i am in the light. and i will not stop glowing
like the moon. like it’s halo, so am i, full and abundant, my presence
to never subsist. i will never cry alone again,

not for the things i never was, not for the things i can’t become
but only for the brilliant that i am. only for the halo around my heart
bright moon you light the way, like nothing has before.

now you know that true love, finds you. your friends are true.
the rest dissolves. all you can hope for is to be present, the rest
emerges as if by surprise. true love with find you, if you step into

the light. you will see who your friends are. don’t give up. not now
follow the impulse from within. you know all of the answers
you know who you are. the fears are silly. you are so strong.

this new person that i am is strong
this new person that i am is wise
pure and true
brilliant and hopeful
like the moon. like it’s halo.
the the blue star in the distance.

And this is an important night.
hold on, there are no coincidences.
full moon songs
the dialogue begins.

this night is beautifully powerful.

what is living afterall?

this is what it is all about, nights like this
the power of the universe. the power of yourself
and the connection to all that is.

i am alive and i am grateful
i will continue making things
i will not be let down

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“The drive to create can be overwhelmingly powerful. When we surpress this desire and fail to use our creativity, it explodes outward as destruction.”
- Angel

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my brother gets married

For Cory and Jessica, in honor of their marriage

“On Love”

I wanted to give a toast to the two of you. I thought about what I could say about love. I started looking into what Rumi said, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Kahill Gibran, the poets, the mystics, the lovers of the past, the visionaries, the prophets and the pilgrims.

I thought about it, and I came to the understanding, that what is most important is not what they have said about love, but what I have to say about love, from my heart, to the two of you now.

And this is it:

Love completely, and everything will be included in this. This is an angel of a thought that was passed onto me. I was lucky to find this idea, very blessed and fortunate. This is what I have to share with you. You can search the world for meaning, you can labor for security, you can reach out for advice, you can act in all the ways that are noble and true. This is respectable and worth every minute.

Do these things, and mean them. Speak your truth and clearly. Know yourself and be strong. Live this reality and walk you own path.

Most importantly, what will set you free and provide you with all the things you have ever desired, is this one idea. “Love completely and everything is included in this.”

Everyone’s path is different. Everyone comes to the knowledge and awareness of how to do this on their own, through their own thoughts, actions and feelings. And that is what makes this life so brilliant. All these people stumbling and falling to find truth they’ve known all along, to find answers to their prayers right there in front of them.

I don’t think the laughter would be as true, if we didn’t fall and stumble. We would not seek to love more deeply. I don’t think we’d appreciate the smiles as much as we do. I don’t think we’d notice the light as intuitively and allow it to breath and expand and rejoice.

So love, whatever that means to you. Keep going back to that. Keep coming home to the heart where you always were, are and will be. Seek this understanding, as simple as it is. And know that you always have a place in the light. It’s always there to make you feel as perfect as you should, as you were meant to.

Find love for yourself. Find out what it means to you. It’s nice to know what Rumi said, he was illustrious and bright. It’s nice to know what Jesus Christ said, his light was powerful and true, of the most valiant angels.

Know what Buddha said, for he taught humans how to relax. Know what Kahill Gibran said, he was poetic and prophetic beyond his time.

Know what I have to say. I’m your sister, and I love you.

Know what your wife has to say. She is your companion and your twin flame.

But most importantly, the truth that you have come here to know is your own. It’s that simple. What do you have to say? What are your thoughts on love?

I’d be interested to hear them.

Love completely and everything will be included in that. Love yourself. Love your partner, love your family, love your work, love this life, keep coming back to that, keep coming back to the heart, and everything will work out perfectly.

Love completely and everything will be included in that. I will do my best to live this reality, to practice this idea. I will be brave enough. And I will look forward to seeing you give this idea a shot as well, and in sharing precious moments in this life.

Good luck. Pray for abundance and an open heart. Work for truth and understanding. Live for love and compassion.

Spread your wings and fly.

Silence, Exile and Cunning

“I will try to express myself in some mode of life or art as freely as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defense the only arms I allow myself to use- silence, exile and cunning.”
—from James Joyce’s, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Lesson #8: The miracle is within you.

Today is the day 10/10/10, and it is no coincidence that I write these words. I believe in miracles, and I believe the miracle is coming out from within me right now. It is true that what others think is irrelevant. I will attract the right people, the ones who need and will be inspired by what I have to offer. Every single thing in my life is there because I have created it. Everything. I have complete control over all of the minutes and the life they contain. It is the perception that determines the quality of my life. It is what I feel that determines the experience.

Sometimes it takes some falling in order to learn the most important lessons. I don't consider this failing. The idea of success and failure is a paradigm that the ego has created. It is far from what I identify as the core of my being. It is far from the understanding of who I am. Who I am is something more profound.

What is my being? Who am I?

And the lessons will repeat and repeat until you finally learn them. The lessons are beautiful. They are remarkable. The lessons are what make you strong. You can be anything you want to be. Anything. You want to fly, go fly. I dare you.

You want to cry, go cry. You want to suffer, go suffer. You want to live, go live. And love. If you want to love, then go love. It's that simple. That was the miracle all along. Create your life. No one owes you anything. They universe doesn't owe you anything. You don't deserve anything. You create it. You are a master of your destiny, and this is of the highest order. You want to be a priest, go be a priest. You want to perform miracles, go perform miracles. There is nothing that is stopping you.

I'm not sure I believe in fears. I don't care for silly things. There has to be that, to have this. I have to be scared to death, frightened of my own footsteps, suicidal in my thought, absolutely confused in my perception of who I am and what I want, to know what exists beyond parameters of the conditioned ego and patterns of society. That is what it took for me to know my own miracle. And the miracle is within. It is the spirit of being. It is the life my soul has chosen. It is the calling from the greatest of powers, the greatest of force. It is good, and it is everything. I would not trade a minute, not one minute, of the perceived hardship, for what I feel in the present moment. It was necessary to break down completely, to come to understand and experience the feeling of true release, of true power, and of true love.

I believe in love. I will come to live this reality. It will be my legacy.

"Love completely and everything is included in this". If I believe in one thing, this is it.

These words were spoken by an angel, and I listened to them as the new energy came into the planet. It was something like I've never experienced. It was a feeling, a sense of seeing and understanding so pure, like something I've waited my whole life to experience.

What pulls at your heartstrings? I'm sure of mine. Love for the world. A great love. It's my choice. It's my life. I take responsibility for this path.

and the water flows... the seasons change, i pick a sweet apple from the soft branches of a tree. i'm alone underneath, a woman so bright. the earth is warm beneath my feet, where i stand. the colors, iridescent... as i surrender.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Program.

The Create and Live Program, 3 Parts.

“Create and Live”


The mission of this project, is to take a linear eat, breath, live, die system and transform it into a work of art. Imagine a world that we all enjoyed living in. Imagined a world in which we all felt we were a part of. There would be no suffering. There would be no fear. There would be no doubt. And isn’t this what holds us back from opening, from ripening, from enjoying.

I say let’s all join together and hold hands. The metaphor of holding hands is a vision of creativity. I’m painting a picture, and make blue lines, you come up to it and make the branches of a tree, suddenly, someone throws black paint on my beautiful little bird. That’s ok, I’ll wipe it in a certain way and suddenly there is a butterfly, or a building or a house, or a beautiful face. It changes as we change, it grows by the natural progression of life.

This is a program. This is a system. The point of this project, is to teach people how to lift themselves up from the grovels of an older way and chime into the rhythms of nature. The frequency is speeding up and there is new energy. We must allow this to emerge. We must catch up to pace. It is possible.

Happiness is vibrating to the speed of nature. Walk the way nature walks. The only thing holding us back from our own progress and solidarity is being in tune with this pace. There is nothing that can not be done when we feel the chords of our tune and allow the harmony to set us straight, align our backbones, our fundamental structures, with the movement of the harvest system. This is all we are meant to do.

There is no war. There is only life. The program exists in 3 parts.

Part 1: Settle down. Get to know who you are. Figure out what you have to give. What you would like to give. Figure out what would make you feel the happiest, and be very honest.

Part 2: Do the work. Start doing the things that make you happy, start feeling the things that bring you joy. Start loving the things that you love. Start giving. Start living. Start believing.

Part 3: Enjoy what you have done. Really enjoy it. Savor it. Let it linger like a cloud over your head absorbing the sunlight. Feel as if you are sitting on a rock by a river, on a warm crisp day and the water is flowing freely. All you can hear are the sounds of nature, the birds, the creek, the critters in the woods and clouds go by, as clouds go by.

That’s it. That’s the whole program. And what did it take you to do this? 5 simple minutes. That’s all it took. So I can’t believe you if you tell me that you didn’t have time. I simply can’t believe you. You have all the time you can possibly imagine. You have all the joy you can possibly feel. You have all the gifts you could ever manifest. In one lifetime, or a dozen lifetimes, or an eternal lifetime.

Believe in yourself. It’s all you were ever meant to do. It’s all you need to do. For today, for tomorrow, and for all of your understanding.

Watch the birds fly. Let go and release your mind. It’s already inherent that you’ll do a good job. Transformation begins the moment you step up. Transcendence begins the moment you breath in at this new place, in the sight of nature, in the flow of nature, in the vibrations of all that was ever nature. Nature is love, light, divine. Trust. Believe. Live.

Nature is gold. Nature is all. Nature is true. The question is not what can you do to get from the beginning to the end, but rather what can you do to be a part of what is already there.

My answer is simple. It exists in 3 parts: settle down, do the work, and enjoy what you have done. You are the creation. You are the creator. You are the love, in sight and alive, here now, and always as is.

Friday, September 24, 2010

i have a 2b mars lumograph pencil made in germany

my only wish in this lifetime, is to draw what i see as honestly and truly as i can, to communicate my reality, to express my journey. if i have done this, then i have lived successfully.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

come hell or high water, we'll go on creating

quoting Henry Miller: "As for the subdominant, the thought is-- don't wait for things to change, the hour of man is now, whether you are working at the bottom of the pile or on top, if you are a creative individual you will go on producing, come hell or high water. And this is the most you can hope to do. One has to go on believing in himself, whether recognized or not, whether heeded or not. The world may seem like hell on wheels-- and we are doing our best, are we not, to make it so? -- but there is always room, if only in one's own soul, to create a spot of Paradise, crazy though it may sound."

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Big War Within

Lesson #7: Let go of the smaller wars, for the bigger war within yourself.

Most people have been doing things backwards their entire lives. They're been meddling in the wrong things, producing results that seem beyond their control. The good news is, it's within your control. Most people have been feeding into smaller wars outside of themselves. They've been doing this merely by thinking about it, putting their energy into it, as it grows and dims their own light. By giving these things your energy, you detract from what is really important, the questions that you should be asking yourself. Big questions that will lend to big results with the appropriate focus, intention and awareness. Smaller battles, will lend to hurt and pain, and the same frustrating and agonizing things you've been attracting your entire life. The question is not, why did this person hurt you, but rather what am I afraid of? How do I embrace that fear and rise above the dramas of the past.

Here's how. First of all, you take a pause to breath. Then you let go of whatever it is. Let go of it right now. Let it fall into the earth. The earth is soft and cool and powerful beyond measure. It can take this tiny morsel of fear from you. Trust it to do so. Now when all the fear has gone into to the ground, allow the loving, compassionate mother energies to rise into your being, to awaken from your heart, as you breath in and breath out. Breath deeply and truly until there is nothing you feel except these powerful, radiant energies. Let it grow. Let it rise. Relax into this awareness. If there is anything that is true about this life. This is it. This is what is important to remember, to hold onto, to become with all of your heart and intention, with all of your attention and focus.

It's possible to love. It's possible to let go. It's possible to be that truth that is you, and to be nothing but this, ever, at any given, for all of your life. It's possible to be liberated in this lifetime, to transform, transcend and manifest your most noble potential.

Now once you have done this, you can begin to feel what is real. Your fears, your truth, your purpose, your beauty, your vision, your dreams, your heart. The chaos of the outer world, the dramas of what you think is painful, awful, almost overwhelming for you to handle, actually is nothing. It diffuses away. Trust this process. This is good.

What do you see when you reach inside that warm place in your center? How do you feel? What are you doing?

I see myself reaching out to others. Caring about them, helping them through their problems, helping them see the truth that is who they are. I see myself big and radiant, strong and wise, noble and powerful in this light. There is an untouchable wisdom in this truth that is protected and embraced by all that is real. This power can do anything. It can unlock the mysteries within, the infinite powerful that we have come here to learn about, experience and understand. It is the reason we have manifested the lives we are living. There is no other way but this.

This is the important question. What are you? What are you afraid of? And how do you rise above that fear? How does that thing that is you grow big and strong and stable, on into all the days of your life. Hold on, step up, and take good notes. Record your progress, and practice how you do it.

So I ask you now. Be brave enough to let go of the smaller wars. They do not serve you. They are not worth your attention. Do you know why? Because they are not real. They are illusions.

What is real?

Your truth. What you have come here to do, say and become. This is what must emerge. And right now is the most perfect time to begin this process, to allow this to be. This moment, try and see for yourself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Live in the Present Moment

Lesson #6: Step into Power.

Step into power. You are in control of your own life, and in any given moment you can decide how you want it to be. If you so choose, power can be a very good thing. And the more people living this reality, and stepping into the power of their own core purpose and light, the more change we see in the world, the more progress we make. This is it. This is how you do it.

I visualize a world where meditation is as common as checking your facebook account. I visualize a world free of stress, free of limitations, free of sadness, full of hope, joy and love.

I visualize a world where we are taught to do more, know more, feel more. Where our hearts are safe to speak, breath and contemplate. Where our actions are based on our values, our principles, our ideas that come from a space sacred and deep within our core. I visualize a world where power is in the hands individual, or rather, a world in which the individual knows that he has power, and it’s good and will shape his world, and he uses it as he chooses.

The biggest shift that needs to happen in our present society, is our perception of power. Power has received a negative association. It’s been distorted, twisted, and misused for as much time as their has been, for as much history as we may recollect. In our present state, we have a valuable opportunity. No longer must we believe this. It is indeed time to shift this perception.

Who said you can’t do the things you dream of doing? Who said you can’t live that way? Who said you can’t make your own rules? The disorder of our time is our perception of power. There is no drug that will solve this problem. I don’t care who you are, or who says your problem is this or that, this is how you change your reality. There is no medical solution. If you are complicating the matter, stop now. It’s simple. This is what you have to do. Close your eyes. Center yourself. Breath. Imagine that thing inside of you that is you. Imagine it expanding. It’s bigger. Imagine it growing past all the small wars you’ve fought up until now. Imagine yourself caring deeply about others. Imagine yourself changing your world with this thing that is you. Imagine doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. It's real and it's alive and it's now.

Shift gears to the present moment. Stop living in our hopes for tomorrow. That implies a lack in today. And if you keep going in this direction you will continue attracting this lack and everything in your life will never be good enough. Stop now. Relax. Breath. It’s time to live.

Step into power. You know what you need to know. Today is your chance to be as your choose, for yourself and no one else.

You are part of all that ever was, all that ever will be, and all that is. And this is good.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shoulders Back

Lesson #5: Keep your shoulders back.

Keep your shoulders back. Hold yourself like a noble creature. The energy that you hold will be reflected around you. If you want to change your life, change the way your hold yourself. You are a master of your own destiny. Be careful what you say to yourself. You can go any direction at any given time.

My choice is the positive choice. This is the only option for me.

I speak in the present tense. I am all that I've ever wanted to be, and I visualize my dreams as true. I watch this expand, and with it I fly.

Heart to the sky, shoulders back, spine straight, head up tall. I've got all that I need inside of me, and I bring this forward.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Lesson #4: Trust the Universe

To make progress and achieve real authentic goals, one must trust. It's a big effort, and when you have no idea what the future will hold, it's scary. Those are real emotional fears, and it can seem difficult to move through them. I've learned the answer is trust. Find the fear, locate it, where did it come from, why? Pull it out, feel it, release it, then visualize the life that you want. Visualization is the first step, knowing in your gut, feeling, and experiencing it before it even happens. Your subconscious mind will then be on the fast track toward making it your reality, one that will serve you and the greater good for all, so it's well worth taking this path.

A lot of times, we sense the fear, we feel it creeping in, jump ten feet back, and run as fast as we can. We loath ourselves and identify US as the fear. But NO, we are not the fear. It is an emotion like any other feeling. And until we FEEL it and release it, effectively move through it, we can never come to know our own authenticity.

Today I say a mantra: I will bring my most excellent and authentic energies forward in the hopes that negative or limiting thoughts do not seep in.

What is my fear? Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being judged and looked at through a camera/lenses.

Those are several. As I separate myself from the fear, pull it out, feel it, realize that I AM NOT the fear, it is an emotion, that just is, it passes through me, as other emotions, then I am able to let my own authenticity and dreams emerge.

What are your fears? And how do you move through them?

If you have the power to visualize something, then you have the power to achieve it. In order to do that, you must trust. These fears are real, they are there for a reason, do not dismiss them, run or cover them up and especially do not identify yourself as the fear. You are not your fears. You are something radiant and big. You are something glorious with a purpose to fulfill. Fears are emotions, like everything else. Feel, release and move forward.

What do you visualize? What are your most authentic and most excellent energies? What are you doing? What do you in your gut see yourself doing? Where are you? Imagine it to the detail. Sit with it. This is reality. You have the ability to visualize because you have the ability to create. Your subconscious will begin solving problems to achieve that visualization. Your subconscious operates in pictures. It runs from fears. It's important to release your fears. In the same manner that your subconscious creates from your authentic visualizations, does it your fearful ones. Choose wisely.

Your subconscious will do it's best to bridge the gap between your visualization and reality. In order to allow this to happen, allow your most powerful success tool to be of service to you, you must trust that this is true, which it is, and release yourself from your fears. Focus on the authenticity, the vision, create a picture in your mind, as detailed as you can. Practice this, as much as you practice anything else you wish to be a master at. Then you will begin living. And living is what we've all come here to do.

Reach in your gut, find the fear. Release it. Reach in your gut, find yourself. Be it.

Good luck, and much prosperity in your journey.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Light a Candle

Lesson #3: Light a Candle.

When in doubt light a candle. As you doubt, know the universe is preparing something for you, and it's not ready yet to take, it's not ready yet to chew into. It's time to wait. This is not an easy thing to do.

Light a candle and visualize this future, quietly build your strength. See the buildings, see the people working for love, see the dreams that are actualized everyday. See the mountains, the will of your mind and all that is possible.

Sometimes, when the traffic is bad, you feel like you can not take it anymore. You wonder where the trains are, the rails, the bike lanes, the folks walking, running to work. Instead you are stuck at a light. It turns green, it turns red, it turns green again, and you are still waiting. All you can see is a flood of cars, a gas station to your left, a beautiful park to your right, and you are stuck in this car. You look to see if there is a sliver of hope to turn around and take another route. There is not.

You think quietly to yourself, "this is what hell is like, bad traffic".

You wonder, where are the urban planners? Why have they forgotten smart transportation? Why was this not considered into the plan. And is there is new plan? A new draft, solutions being negotiated, developed and expanded upon? Where are the brightest thinkers? I'd like to feel the light of a room enlivened by genius.

You wonder if there is any hope, if there is anything you can do, if there is one opportunity for you to change this. Why oh why is this happening? I don't want my children to be living in a city like this. Surely there is a better way.

There are young people out there on fire with good ideas. I think the ones with experience, the ones with true genius, power and influence, should team up with these brains on fire. I've seen them. They are starting organizations. They have one good idea after the next. They are brave and resilient and have been trained very well. They are brilliant. A mentorship of sorts is the future of a better world.

So the ones that are on top, these mid-career moguls, should join forces with the up and coming passionate young fires, whose stars are alive and ready to burst. This is an important time, an important time for action. These passionate hearts, lovers of breakthroughs and visionary realities, should collaborate with the ones on top. And they should do it now. Our world needs this type of fire, this type of gold.

This potential reality is untouchable. I believe it will set grounds for a new world, a better world. It is the essence of change, power and influence of the most beneficial nature. Move, and move swift.

We need to do it now. I call this collaboration into action.

When in doubt light a candle. I am in doubt right now. I am on fire right now. I hate traffic. It disgusts me. Surely there is a better option. I know there is. I see it in the candle.

I call together the urban planners who know what they are doing, who are capable and can move mountains in a matter of hours. Let's talk.

Let's do it gracefully. Let's do it rationally. Let's do in a way that not only uses our logical minds, but our intuitive minds. I think Einstein was right when he said our imagination is more important than knowledge. Oh, Einstein had it right. I believe these guys are going in the right direction. Let's make a dream of a train in our city a reality, electric rails. I see it in the candle.

We have the technology. Things are speeding up so fast, so many changes can be made efficiently. The energy that is moving into our systems has the potential for breakthrough our human planet has never seen nor imagined. This potential power is incredible.

Rather than sit around, powerless and infuriated, let's call a meeting of the minds into action. We have the brainpower. We have the expertise. Let's bring unite it, use our left brain when we need, then the right brain for an answer, left brain for direction, and so forth. We are smart enough to know how to do this, the question rather, is our we brave enough.

We have two brains, to use them both. We are more powerful and effective this way, more capable of genius. I don't use the word genius lightly. It's a dazzling word. I see the spark in the candle. It's gold and growing so fast. I can't contain it.

There is power in what I see. It is spreading and moving fast. It is bold and gracious and big. It carries our children on to school, on to where they need to be.

I'll hop on the train.

Light a candle. Two brains. Learn to use them both.

Here is the dawning of the conceptual age. It's happening now as we speak. If you're feeling frightened and anxious, so is everyone else. Ground. Center. Breathe.

Light a candle. Find your center. Bring the problem out. What is it that you don't like? Look at it. Two brains. Intuition is a flash, a spark, a vision, left brain is the map, the guide, the compass. Intuition and the map, the compass and the vision. Two eyes, a telescope to see through.

I'm looking at the flame. I'm praying that I never have a day like this again. That I never have a powerless feeling again. That I never doubt my own potential, my own power, my own point of view.

There is an important contribution within each of us.

I see in the flame, electric rails, and my child going to school. I see bikes, and I see parks. Urban planners, what do you see? I'm interested in knowing. I am interested in collaborating, sharing visions. I am interested in creating one bright future for us all. I am interested in telling you about my vision, and using your tools, using my tools, to make it a reality.

In essence, it is about securing agreement.

In essence, it is about the candle flame and what we see together, what our linked vision portrays. We are one mind, more powerful as one mind, more visionary as one mind, more graceful, more affluent, more genuine, more brave, and incredibly more loving. Indeed, imagination is more important than knowledge, for it is the soil of the future.

Left brain, right brain, dreams we have for a very good reason. For if nature can incite such things from us, then there must be some sort of grandeur prompting our movement, there must be something we are capable of, this way must be a reality. I feel beautiful with this thought.

I'm making the call to meet urban planners. I'd love to shake your hand and speak, listen and share thoughts, secure agreements, and do the work.

I want to hop on a train, to a better life.

I'm staring at the flame of a candle.

Our world is growing so fast. We need a new system, a new infrastructure to nurture the rapid growth of movement and possibility. It will not stop, it will only grow more. Now is the time to act, to meet and to discuss. We must do something now. We must creatively collaborate and allow our systems to change and evolve, grow and expand, develop into something bright. There is genius here. Our children are growing. Our minds are growing. Our hearts are expanding. There is much potential.

In the candle flame, I see electric rails. I see buses, holding people who love to ride together, communities in agreement. I see easy access. I see bikes. I see freedom to navigate in beautifully planned city, cities we love and call home.

In the candle, I see bigger, smarter, loving, diverse people all working in the name of progress.

Ride home and be free, ride home.

In the candle, I see diversity. I see new technology. I see electric rails. I see intelligent people everywhere, no longer being taught to play small, to know less, to do less, to feel less, to be less. I see a breakthrough in civilization. I see it as real, and happening very quickly.

We are in a renaissance of times, an opening, an awakening, a blossoming of times. We must be sober, and we must be clear. We must act swift, and be confident. We must look within for power, and believe in what we see. We must come to know the truth and be strong in this flame, resilient in this honor.

In the 60s we were jaded by personas, refuges of love, drugs and rage. Now we have tools, we are educated, and we are strong. We are meant to act, a breakthrough abounds, as we are no longer stuck in the mistakes of the past. We can let them go. It is that easy. We can change the energy, and be bold. It really is that easy. We can make more of ourselves, more than our ancestors ever dreamed of. It is a new era. There is more light than we've ever known how to deal with. The most effective way to channel this, is through action. In one word: BEGIN.


Start now and be swift.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Lesson #2 Be honest.

Being honest is not always the easy route. It requires discipline and strength of character that goes against our conditioning and preconceived way of life. To be honest means to confront your fears, and most of us don't want to do that. We don't want to. We are scared. But in order to feel our greatest power, we must also feel our greatest fear, and that requires honesty.

Honesty is like a river. It moves through us. It is subtle and refined. Somehow, someway, we were taught not to believe the river is there. We were taught not to see. Look around you, you will see the flow, but it might be hard for you to open your eyes. It is not what you don't know that you fear, it is what you do know.

Our greatest virtue is to open our eyes, see the truth, and live this reality. In doing so, we see the illusions for what they are, we take the courage to step above them, and gently let go of the layers of veils we've learned to operate with. Even little white lies hurt the soul. I don't care who you are and what you say, they do. With each lie, or illusion, a part of you, that is truth, dies. With each death, the potential for creation fades. There is nothing worse than feeling that heartbeat of life in you, that thing pulling at your heart, that moment of joy that you surrender, not to truth, but to illusion. There is nothing sadder, nothing that lessons your sense of self, and ultimately your integrity.

I say challenge yourself to find the discipline, and yes it takes discipline, to honor your greatest virtue, and that is honesty. Practice opening your eyes, it won't be easy at first, and trusting that what you will find is the truth, and that truth is you. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

It is not above you, or around you, nor behind you, it is within you. It is not what your mother, your father, your school or your friend taught you. It is what you find, when you choose to see.

It is not what you don't know that you fear, it is what you do know. Keeping your eyes closed, is easy. It's safe. You can make excuses and hide behind whatever veil you so choose and if you go looking for them, you'll find one for every season, mood and temperature, none of them in accordance with who you are. Opening your eyes is a responsibility far greater than anything else. It is a dire responsibility, to honor your light and sign up for the task of healing and grace. It is a great call. There is no one among us, who does not have this potential, who is not called to this task, who does not have a powerful and radiant light within them. When you open your eyes and see this, focus and embrace it, it expands in a way that will make you fly like nothing else can.

But like I said it takes responsibility, and this is not the easy route. But this, and this more importantly than anything else on this planet, is the key to progress, change and healing. This is power. This is integrity. And it is what the world needs most, right here, right now, this time.

When we have the courage to answer this call, to open our eyes, to focus the light and expand this power, we will change the world. It will be an infectious burst of evolution like nothing else. This potential is with us all right now, this minute, it is there. Look within. Open your eyes. Be honest.

The potential for truth is with you now. Have courage to fly.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Flow of Presence and Absence

What we need is something new.

new fields. new methods. new models.

We need to cover new ground.

new lights. new theories. new systems. new hoops and ways of jumping through them.

We need a new frame of reference.

new reasons to work. new dedications to strive for. new ways of saying yes or no or thinking of a way it may be done.

We need a new time frame.

a new structure. new diagram. new budget. new strategy. new paradigm.

We need a new dance.

new rhythms. new rhymes. new patterns. new instruments.

We need a new compass.

new directions. new map. new atlas.

We need new community.

new people who agree and can and will, indefinitely. a new layout. a new design.

new hellos and goodbyes.

We need a new library.

We need a new guide. a new text. a new history.

new recipes and answers.

answers by trial and error. answers created by suggesting an idea and taking initiative to follow through, test the way for yourself, experimentation on your own accord. Persist with a will as tough as a bullet, a heart as innocent as a child, a mind, a vision, and the hands to connect the dream with the ground.

It’s more than devotion and strength. It’s matter and science. It’s true anatomy of form, of angel’s with malleable surfaces and tender space to let the spirit emerge.

It’s not the atom, the molecule nor the piece of genetic matter that is the miracle, rather it is the space in between, the constant filling and pouring of this space, the constant shifting and moving and making new connections. The flow of presence and absence.

Again each time different than before. The revolutions of cycles through a new telescope and a new set of glasses. A new set of codes, each day different, each promising and full of vigor and substance, full of the right potential to makes things happen, makes things come alive, as if for the first time. It’s a matter of science. It’s real, and it’s there.

It can be studied, observed and performed. It can be executed, broken and revered. It can be something or it can be nothing. There is no doubt that this reality is true. There is no questioning the code of being, the continuous cycle of life.

Where the science is lacking, the art concludes, finishes it with a mysterious sense of feeling, permeates it with a deliberate light of mood, develops it with a force of unity, spirit and story. The story is us. It is in us. It is what we have created. We have all we need, from the ground up. It is already there, waiting patiently to be explored. It is a force of ever growing life, a well spring that never ends from our ancestors to us, to our children. It goes on and on into the light of possibility, into the realm of miracle and energy, the space, the trees, the sky, our deepest longings, passions and needs.

There is a need to create. There is a never ending need. It will not, not today nor tomorrow nor for all of circular motion cease to exist. It will move forward and new. It will propel us into the lives we desire to live. It will move into the empty space and on again into the new empty space that exists like no other time.

The best we can do is to be happy, grateful and honored that we know this space is there, and we choose to fill it. We do not question why, but we gather pieces of our investigation, the fabrics of our journey, the reasons we are alive and learning here to greet each other and the new day, the new song, the new family that is ours.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Create or Die

Hi all, welcome to my blog! Here you will find the ramblings, love affairs and adventures in the course of my life. I have no idea where they will take me, and I assure you I like it that way. First thing I've learned, keep your visions to yourself. Second thing I've learned, sing them the world. Now what that means I can't quite say, but what I can say is that the power and potential of your mind is everything. Use it mind wisely.

Lesson #1: Dance and Money.

I think we all as a human species should dance like it's our job. I mean why not? What else are we going to do? I'm really not sure what, but I do believe there is a lot to be said by this. What if you were getting paid for dancing? How bad could that be? Dancing like you've let go of everything, everything but the moment, the sure fire love in your heart. Your child is alive. Your spirit is breathing. That's what I mean about dancing. It's about passion. It's about intensity.

So this notion of getting paid for doing what you love is not so far fetched as it seems. Is what it does take however is a willingness to grieve your old notions, your past worries, and absolutely your fears. If you grieve these things, really truly feel them and release them to the ground, you will find your answers. And what's so wrong with answers? I'm not sure what is.

I believe in money. I think money is ok. It's got a bad rep, but you know let's just use it wisely. I can't tell you how to fix the present situation with money. I don't have a solution, but I am open to the discussion of ideas in the hopes to implement a solution. Bring it to the table. Let's learn about what's going on. Let's develop a dialogue. Let's discuss solutions. I would like to see a prosperous exchange of energies. And is what this means, is opening your heart, believing in yourself, and daring to dance.

Now if you do, according to my theory, you will make money. And money after all is the answer. It depends on how you look at it, the perception you hold in your mind. I believe in an answer to all problems. I believe there is a solution, and we no longer need to dwell in past mistakes, illusions or doubts. They are one and all. It's like one big veil. The only reason you made the mistake is because you didn't take the time nor had the courage to look within for a solution, look within for a point of departure, look within for an idea. The source to all ideas is your vision.

Keep your visions to yourself. That's one thing I've learned.