Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speak Your Truth

This past Sunday I attended a service at the Unity church. Following the service, I had a conversation with a man who told me about running for congress. He said he had built a website for the race and put a good deal of effort into it. He said he had thousands of hits and it was a great way to gain exposure for his campaign. He said it was useful. He said, now, since the race is over, he let it go and hasn't given it any attention.

I called him out. I said, so you mean, just because the race is over you've given up your service to help and lead people? It sounds like you were working for money, power and society and not for love? Your decision to serve is a life long goal that you work towards in every waking moment of your life.

He thought, wow, not only is this a sweet, endearing face telling me things, but there's some true power behind her words. He very sincerely said, wait wait wait, I did lalalala, this and that and that.... this is what I worked so hard for and this and that and lalalala....

"But your not doing it now?" I said.

Hmm. He couldn't defend himself. He had to just sit there and take what I was saying. I said, "It's ok. You don't have to know all the answers or be perfect. Following a spiritual path is work. Serving is work. It never ends. It's a life long process. Otherwise, we'd be angels flying in heaven. And maybe we will be one day."

He said, "Thank you for setting me straight."

I said, "I didn't set you straight. You set yourself straight."

He chose to stop talking and listen to me. He quit his BS and focused for a minute on what I had to say. He gave me attention and respected my words. And for that I thanked him. We both learned from this moment. I was reminded of my calling to serve and to lead. And it's work. It's a life long process. Every moment is an opportunity. Through this conversation, I was reminded of what I needed to do in my own life. It was also a success in standing up and speaking my truth. We both had things to learn from each other, and we were grateful for the moment.


and when the days seem long and unabiding, alas a bird came to tell me what to do.

fly it said. go where no one has gone before, and i replied not with a word but with a prayer as silent as the deepest ocean and the most distant star from my view

perhaps these things aren't really silent, perhaps there is more activity than i can imagine.

their language calls to me.

A Note on Desire

Desire implies a lack of, a need, a want that is addiction. Desire is the opposite of love. When you say you desire something, it means you are addicted to something. If you love someone, you do not want anything. There is space to breath and fluidity exists that is natural and whole. When you desire something, you destroy that fluidity and natural release. You kill what already is. To love means to be aware, to know the space that is and to sink into this space. To be aware is a choice that requires attention and focus. It is simple and the most pleasant way of life. Desire breeds pain, lonliness and obstruction. It is the source of all misery. Suffering is optional. Hurt is part of life. For when the shell breaks open and new life emerges, tears will be shed as the light breaks free. This is the cycle of life. Where there is struggle there is life. Do not confuse suffering with struggle. They are two totally opposite aspects. Suffering is a choice to stay inside the shell, to stay in the cages that were built for you by small and unaware people. Struggle is a choice to break free, to crack the shell and emerge as your spiritual DNA sees most fit. Struggle is growth, growth is life, and life is as is, present and whole. We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be present. Desire dissolves, for it really is only an illusion. Who you are, your spirit, the love that creates all, is the force of the universe. It's a choice we make. To love or to desire. To be or to be addicted. To grow or to suffer. A breath of awareness is all you need to make this choice, to sink into what is.



joy comes from the guts combined with love from the heart. joy brings passion and passion springs forth love. working from honor, joy and love, rather than duty and fear. work from heart and guts and you will get far.