Monday, February 20, 2012

What is joy? Delighting in a child's spirit, connecting with a loved one, understanding something for the first time.

What about a bigger feeling? What about a greater awareness? What about an inner knowing that will support you, as far as you're willing to go?

Delight vs. Contentment. Delighting in the simple things in life, having a good time, sharing stories, memories, feelings.

Then there is you. There is what you create. There is something only you know, feel and understanding. That is what will bring you peace. That is what will bring you deep satisfaction. That is what will bring you ease.

You should always look for the people that reflect this greater self, the greater understanding, the greater destiny. Seek these people, and simply walk away from the rest. No need to be distracted. No need to lesson yourself to make others feels better. No need to deny yourself all the things you already know.

As Marrianne Williamson says, "It is not that we fear we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure..."

What makes you feel powerful beyond measure? Perhaps this is what will bring you joy. Perhaps this is what will bring you deep inner peace. The idea is to be who you are.

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