Friday, September 17, 2010

The Big War Within

Lesson #7: Let go of the smaller wars, for the bigger war within yourself.

Most people have been doing things backwards their entire lives. They're been meddling in the wrong things, producing results that seem beyond their control. The good news is, it's within your control. Most people have been feeding into smaller wars outside of themselves. They've been doing this merely by thinking about it, putting their energy into it, as it grows and dims their own light. By giving these things your energy, you detract from what is really important, the questions that you should be asking yourself. Big questions that will lend to big results with the appropriate focus, intention and awareness. Smaller battles, will lend to hurt and pain, and the same frustrating and agonizing things you've been attracting your entire life. The question is not, why did this person hurt you, but rather what am I afraid of? How do I embrace that fear and rise above the dramas of the past.

Here's how. First of all, you take a pause to breath. Then you let go of whatever it is. Let go of it right now. Let it fall into the earth. The earth is soft and cool and powerful beyond measure. It can take this tiny morsel of fear from you. Trust it to do so. Now when all the fear has gone into to the ground, allow the loving, compassionate mother energies to rise into your being, to awaken from your heart, as you breath in and breath out. Breath deeply and truly until there is nothing you feel except these powerful, radiant energies. Let it grow. Let it rise. Relax into this awareness. If there is anything that is true about this life. This is it. This is what is important to remember, to hold onto, to become with all of your heart and intention, with all of your attention and focus.

It's possible to love. It's possible to let go. It's possible to be that truth that is you, and to be nothing but this, ever, at any given, for all of your life. It's possible to be liberated in this lifetime, to transform, transcend and manifest your most noble potential.

Now once you have done this, you can begin to feel what is real. Your fears, your truth, your purpose, your beauty, your vision, your dreams, your heart. The chaos of the outer world, the dramas of what you think is painful, awful, almost overwhelming for you to handle, actually is nothing. It diffuses away. Trust this process. This is good.

What do you see when you reach inside that warm place in your center? How do you feel? What are you doing?

I see myself reaching out to others. Caring about them, helping them through their problems, helping them see the truth that is who they are. I see myself big and radiant, strong and wise, noble and powerful in this light. There is an untouchable wisdom in this truth that is protected and embraced by all that is real. This power can do anything. It can unlock the mysteries within, the infinite powerful that we have come here to learn about, experience and understand. It is the reason we have manifested the lives we are living. There is no other way but this.

This is the important question. What are you? What are you afraid of? And how do you rise above that fear? How does that thing that is you grow big and strong and stable, on into all the days of your life. Hold on, step up, and take good notes. Record your progress, and practice how you do it.

So I ask you now. Be brave enough to let go of the smaller wars. They do not serve you. They are not worth your attention. Do you know why? Because they are not real. They are illusions.

What is real?

Your truth. What you have come here to do, say and become. This is what must emerge. And right now is the most perfect time to begin this process, to allow this to be. This moment, try and see for yourself.

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