Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Program.

The Create and Live Program, 3 Parts.

“Create and Live”


The mission of this project, is to take a linear eat, breath, live, die system and transform it into a work of art. Imagine a world that we all enjoyed living in. Imagined a world in which we all felt we were a part of. There would be no suffering. There would be no fear. There would be no doubt. And isn’t this what holds us back from opening, from ripening, from enjoying.

I say let’s all join together and hold hands. The metaphor of holding hands is a vision of creativity. I’m painting a picture, and make blue lines, you come up to it and make the branches of a tree, suddenly, someone throws black paint on my beautiful little bird. That’s ok, I’ll wipe it in a certain way and suddenly there is a butterfly, or a building or a house, or a beautiful face. It changes as we change, it grows by the natural progression of life.

This is a program. This is a system. The point of this project, is to teach people how to lift themselves up from the grovels of an older way and chime into the rhythms of nature. The frequency is speeding up and there is new energy. We must allow this to emerge. We must catch up to pace. It is possible.

Happiness is vibrating to the speed of nature. Walk the way nature walks. The only thing holding us back from our own progress and solidarity is being in tune with this pace. There is nothing that can not be done when we feel the chords of our tune and allow the harmony to set us straight, align our backbones, our fundamental structures, with the movement of the harvest system. This is all we are meant to do.

There is no war. There is only life. The program exists in 3 parts.

Part 1: Settle down. Get to know who you are. Figure out what you have to give. What you would like to give. Figure out what would make you feel the happiest, and be very honest.

Part 2: Do the work. Start doing the things that make you happy, start feeling the things that bring you joy. Start loving the things that you love. Start giving. Start living. Start believing.

Part 3: Enjoy what you have done. Really enjoy it. Savor it. Let it linger like a cloud over your head absorbing the sunlight. Feel as if you are sitting on a rock by a river, on a warm crisp day and the water is flowing freely. All you can hear are the sounds of nature, the birds, the creek, the critters in the woods and clouds go by, as clouds go by.

That’s it. That’s the whole program. And what did it take you to do this? 5 simple minutes. That’s all it took. So I can’t believe you if you tell me that you didn’t have time. I simply can’t believe you. You have all the time you can possibly imagine. You have all the joy you can possibly feel. You have all the gifts you could ever manifest. In one lifetime, or a dozen lifetimes, or an eternal lifetime.

Believe in yourself. It’s all you were ever meant to do. It’s all you need to do. For today, for tomorrow, and for all of your understanding.

Watch the birds fly. Let go and release your mind. It’s already inherent that you’ll do a good job. Transformation begins the moment you step up. Transcendence begins the moment you breath in at this new place, in the sight of nature, in the flow of nature, in the vibrations of all that was ever nature. Nature is love, light, divine. Trust. Believe. Live.

Nature is gold. Nature is all. Nature is true. The question is not what can you do to get from the beginning to the end, but rather what can you do to be a part of what is already there.

My answer is simple. It exists in 3 parts: settle down, do the work, and enjoy what you have done. You are the creation. You are the creator. You are the love, in sight and alive, here now, and always as is.

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