Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Let's just go outside in nature. Let's just frolic with the leaves. Let's just walk the way the wind walks, talk the way the trees feel, say everything that's on our minds.

Let's just be the way our heart feels, as if for only one day. For one day, as if by surprise, all the things happened, like whispers of truth. Let's be the wild thing in our heart, let's be the lazy thing on a cold winter day. Let's be explosive too, like a volcano or a flock of sharks swimming without repose or doubt or concern, fierce in their pursuit, or an avalanche in the middle of a furious fleet of ice.

Let's be the birds today. And fly away. To all the places we wish to go. Let's be the insects in the trees, the sticky sap traps our little feet. Let's be a tiny world in a web of infinite space.

Today, as if only for today, let's walk away into the deep place of the woods. Let's meet some fox and stare at him for a long time. His big brown eyes, his red fur, his pause, intense and strong, he won't flinch. What about the presence of danger? How nature stands still and waits for the moment to pass, nothing will tempt surrender.

Survival of the fittest, sure, survival of our hearts maybe more close to the truth.

I think of waves of deer, cattle, birds, following the patterns of weather. They don't think, they don't worry, they live, they run, they go where they must.

Let's walk in nature today, as if only for today, and stay awhile. Long enough to be free. Long enough to let our hair fall with the rain, the night's secrets the owl reveals as he stands on the branch, high in some tree whose limbs live forever.

Let's sleep in the tree. Let's watch ghosts and halos of the moon and the stars and our hearts. Let's fall in webs of spiders, let's float in the lake, catch ourselves on the wet mud, listen to the sounds in the soft ground. Let's fall in the ground, let it all go and feel alive, as if for only today.

Let's go in nature. Let's feel real, as if only for today. And let's live to tell the story of how big our hearts really are.

Let's go away. In nature. Today. As if only for today.

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