Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

halo of the moon, a blue star round in the distance
i’m contemplating the legacy of my heart as you
wish for more in the quiet hour

i thought about despair today and then hope
hope not the distant kind not a fleeting land i’d hope
to sail to. but hope like the will and an encouraged word

and an unexpected phone call from friend. that kind of hope
the kind that sustains the kind that fills my belly with sweet sweet
space. it’s like the halo of the moon

the abundance of it’s presence, so full the the times really
are changing. and the the absence, the stillness complete
how i wondered how i’d changed tonight

i thought about it as i sat quietly dreaming how’d i’d grown
how i relaxed i became as my dreams became my breath
sometimes it seems as if the end is never in sight

as if the answer, is but a faint hope for something more
sometimes it seems far away, another age, another time
another mooning that passes, glows, then dissappears

i hoped it would be now. i hoped i would stop waiting
and start becoming. the darkness i would overcome and
fly above the rest. i hoped i would be that strong

i saw an image of the moon flicker, not just in my mind
but in the crystal clear perfection of what is real
speak of brilliance, speak of hope.

sometimes it seems as if the brightness will never come to you
it’s just one more bad story, one more bad dream, one more
wound to stuff away with rest. i don’t believe that anything

can harm me anymore. i am in the light. and i will not stop glowing
like the moon. like it’s halo, so am i, full and abundant, my presence
to never subsist. i will never cry alone again,

not for the things i never was, not for the things i can’t become
but only for the brilliant that i am. only for the halo around my heart
bright moon you light the way, like nothing has before.

now you know that true love, finds you. your friends are true.
the rest dissolves. all you can hope for is to be present, the rest
emerges as if by surprise. true love with find you, if you step into

the light. you will see who your friends are. don’t give up. not now
follow the impulse from within. you know all of the answers
you know who you are. the fears are silly. you are so strong.

this new person that i am is strong
this new person that i am is wise
pure and true
brilliant and hopeful
like the moon. like it’s halo.
the the blue star in the distance.

And this is an important night.
hold on, there are no coincidences.
full moon songs
the dialogue begins.

this night is beautifully powerful.

what is living afterall?

this is what it is all about, nights like this
the power of the universe. the power of yourself
and the connection to all that is.

i am alive and i am grateful
i will continue making things
i will not be let down

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