Sunday, April 17, 2011

a big dream

today i woke with a big dream. i am in the process of waking up and my goal is to hold the energy of a child and to express the higher self through art and in doing so, change the world. this is my calling. i see big things. i see huge things.

i gotta move, i gotta go. this is the time, right now. whew. feeling intense, like transformation and change is coming, like success is coming. i have so much potential, spread your wings and fly.

break that shell, once and for all and shine your light bright. nothing can come in the way of this. absolutely nothing. life will present you with challenges to strengthen your spiritual resolve. and once you get strong, the thing diffuses. this i've learned.

and i feel an inner light in me smiling. one thing at a time. one little thing at a time.

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