Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Most Important Lesson: The only thing that lasts is love

I envision a world where all people have the comfort and solace to explore the possibilities of their own personal creative vision, to find comfort in the unknown, and unity with themselves and other people. We live in changing times, we are all in some sort of transition, and what do you call home but your own creative vision?

When the boat rocks heavy and the winds rush strong, what keeps you steady is yourself. In these times we must hold onto ourselves more than ever. We must not let the tides of change move us to confusion and doubt, and most importantly not apathy.

We must be fearless in the unknown. We must find each other and join forces. Our visions must merge. We must create the world in which we wish to see. We must do this with intention and the energies we hold.

We really can create a better world. My vision really can come true. We really can have that kind of integrity and power. As these times change, we must look to ourselves for answers. We must not look back. We must make progress. There is no time to weep in indecision. The future belongs to the brave ones. The ones who step up and take responsibility, the ones who take responsibility for the good in the world, the ones who get through the personal dramas and childish fear and make sense of their reality.

The future is enormous. It is so much more than the things you fear today. It is so much more than petty concerns, petty fears, petty thinking, and wasteful emotions. We must refine our emotions. We must feel them and release them. We must finally embrace our humanity for what it is and allow true joy to emerge. From joy comes love and love is the only thing that lasts.

In the end, all the things that you have done, said, created, manifested, attracted and destroyed, in this lifetime, the things that you have loved will be the things that will be your legacy. Love is the only thing that has the power to last. Everything else diffuses. Everything. Everything.

You might as well get used to sidestepping those things now. You might as well not waste any more time. You might as well get used to loving, to doing the things that you love, to being around the people that you love, to sharing what you love to this world.


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