Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't Make Plans

Don't make plans.

Why make plans? So you can break them?

Plans don't work. No matter how figured out you think you've got it, the future will never be like what you expect. Making plans limits your experience of what's going on all around you right here and right now.

Set intentions. Set clear intentions. Act on your intentions. Deliver your best with the resources you have in the present moment. But don't make plans.

Plans will create expectation that can hold you back if you cling to them. Plans will set you up for failure if you put too much pressure on meeting them. Plans will kill your joy.

Intentions vs. Plans. I think it's important to know the difference.

What if you only got one shot at life? What if what will happen next will be nothing like what's in front of you right now? What if you wake up one day and realized that you've lived your entire life by rules and assumptions and plans and expectations and you don't know why, or what happened, or what it all meant? What if you could have been more alive, more present, more radiant?

I say kick the plans. Claim your life, live in the present moment, and enjoy your experience.

Trust some cosmic flow and allow it to reveal to you. It's an active engagement, a dance with the unknown, a chance like nothing else.

The universe is cunning if I've learned anything. Plans might deceive you into believing something else. Don't bother. Enjoy the dance.

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