Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Creative Process

Self-cultivation is being alone with yourself and is just as important as the act of creative production. You can’t have results unless you have a process. Processing, cultivation and frolicking time for all creative people, and we are all creative people, is essential.

What is it that you do? How can you change your life so you can alow yourself this space? Let’s take a moment to reflect.

Make a prayer to allow yourself this time, this stolen gift, just for yourself. Let’s take a moment to put a blessing for this space in your life on the altar of self-cultivation.

Can you make your own altar? What would it be like? What would your sketchbook be like? What would your journal be like? What would your hard drives be like? What would your notebooks, bookshelves, draws, boxes and closets be like? I would go as far as to say, that these things are absolutely imperative. They are the life force, the soul, the breathing things of your work. The result, the finished piece, the hung, signed, framed, published, showcased, distributed and performed work is an afterglow of this quest. The real thing lies in your process. What is it like?

You’ve got to dig. And that takes time. Give yourself that time. Get to know who you are and get to know your process. Make sketches, doodles, rough drafts, and unedited versions. Here you will find the things that make up who you are. And your ideas will blossom.

Take the pressure off and treat this time as sanctified, pure and ordained. That’s because it is. Nothing is more important that your process. I think it’s your legacy. It’s what you will leave behind.

Ah, the fresh air of creativity runs through my veins like a gentle breeze. It is cool and easy. It is fresh and forgiven. It is manifested like water, and water is the fuel of life as is cultivation, preservation and expression of the self, the higher self. It is sacred and safe.

Imagine light turned on bright. Channel it through your intention, your power. You have that kind of power.

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