Monday, March 14, 2011

When I paint I dance

When I paint I dance. I move and I sing and I don't know how to do it any other way. If I don't have space to move and breath, I'd assume save it for another day. I like the organic flow of motion, and I seek to tap into this. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to, a little letting go of the tension and apprehension built up in a day, but when it happens it's magic.

Love to dance. I gotta dance, and when I paint, I dance. Like it's the first time, like it's new all over again. There are so many possibilities, there are so many ideas, there are so many solutions, I'll never get bored.

When I paint I dance, I imagine rain falling and it soothes my nerves. Wet and cool, it falls. I let it go to the ground. I breath and I center and finally, if I'm lucky, I get into the movement.

Ah, it's true, you create your own luck. As you create your own mess, as you create your own perception of everything, and I say keep it steady and faithful.

Dance. Dare to dance. You'll feel good, like it was the first time, your first memory. Wholesome rain fall on me now.

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