Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Flow of Presence and Absence

What we need is something new.

new fields. new methods. new models.

We need to cover new ground.

new lights. new theories. new systems. new hoops and ways of jumping through them.

We need a new frame of reference.

new reasons to work. new dedications to strive for. new ways of saying yes or no or thinking of a way it may be done.

We need a new time frame.

a new structure. new diagram. new budget. new strategy. new paradigm.

We need a new dance.

new rhythms. new rhymes. new patterns. new instruments.

We need a new compass.

new directions. new map. new atlas.

We need new community.

new people who agree and can and will, indefinitely. a new layout. a new design.

new hellos and goodbyes.

We need a new library.

We need a new guide. a new text. a new history.

new recipes and answers.

answers by trial and error. answers created by suggesting an idea and taking initiative to follow through, test the way for yourself, experimentation on your own accord. Persist with a will as tough as a bullet, a heart as innocent as a child, a mind, a vision, and the hands to connect the dream with the ground.

It’s more than devotion and strength. It’s matter and science. It’s true anatomy of form, of angel’s with malleable surfaces and tender space to let the spirit emerge.

It’s not the atom, the molecule nor the piece of genetic matter that is the miracle, rather it is the space in between, the constant filling and pouring of this space, the constant shifting and moving and making new connections. The flow of presence and absence.

Again each time different than before. The revolutions of cycles through a new telescope and a new set of glasses. A new set of codes, each day different, each promising and full of vigor and substance, full of the right potential to makes things happen, makes things come alive, as if for the first time. It’s a matter of science. It’s real, and it’s there.

It can be studied, observed and performed. It can be executed, broken and revered. It can be something or it can be nothing. There is no doubt that this reality is true. There is no questioning the code of being, the continuous cycle of life.

Where the science is lacking, the art concludes, finishes it with a mysterious sense of feeling, permeates it with a deliberate light of mood, develops it with a force of unity, spirit and story. The story is us. It is in us. It is what we have created. We have all we need, from the ground up. It is already there, waiting patiently to be explored. It is a force of ever growing life, a well spring that never ends from our ancestors to us, to our children. It goes on and on into the light of possibility, into the realm of miracle and energy, the space, the trees, the sky, our deepest longings, passions and needs.

There is a need to create. There is a never ending need. It will not, not today nor tomorrow nor for all of circular motion cease to exist. It will move forward and new. It will propel us into the lives we desire to live. It will move into the empty space and on again into the new empty space that exists like no other time.

The best we can do is to be happy, grateful and honored that we know this space is there, and we choose to fill it. We do not question why, but we gather pieces of our investigation, the fabrics of our journey, the reasons we are alive and learning here to greet each other and the new day, the new song, the new family that is ours.

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