Monday, August 23, 2010


Lesson #2 Be honest.

Being honest is not always the easy route. It requires discipline and strength of character that goes against our conditioning and preconceived way of life. To be honest means to confront your fears, and most of us don't want to do that. We don't want to. We are scared. But in order to feel our greatest power, we must also feel our greatest fear, and that requires honesty.

Honesty is like a river. It moves through us. It is subtle and refined. Somehow, someway, we were taught not to believe the river is there. We were taught not to see. Look around you, you will see the flow, but it might be hard for you to open your eyes. It is not what you don't know that you fear, it is what you do know.

Our greatest virtue is to open our eyes, see the truth, and live this reality. In doing so, we see the illusions for what they are, we take the courage to step above them, and gently let go of the layers of veils we've learned to operate with. Even little white lies hurt the soul. I don't care who you are and what you say, they do. With each lie, or illusion, a part of you, that is truth, dies. With each death, the potential for creation fades. There is nothing worse than feeling that heartbeat of life in you, that thing pulling at your heart, that moment of joy that you surrender, not to truth, but to illusion. There is nothing sadder, nothing that lessons your sense of self, and ultimately your integrity.

I say challenge yourself to find the discipline, and yes it takes discipline, to honor your greatest virtue, and that is honesty. Practice opening your eyes, it won't be easy at first, and trusting that what you will find is the truth, and that truth is you. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

It is not above you, or around you, nor behind you, it is within you. It is not what your mother, your father, your school or your friend taught you. It is what you find, when you choose to see.

It is not what you don't know that you fear, it is what you do know. Keeping your eyes closed, is easy. It's safe. You can make excuses and hide behind whatever veil you so choose and if you go looking for them, you'll find one for every season, mood and temperature, none of them in accordance with who you are. Opening your eyes is a responsibility far greater than anything else. It is a dire responsibility, to honor your light and sign up for the task of healing and grace. It is a great call. There is no one among us, who does not have this potential, who is not called to this task, who does not have a powerful and radiant light within them. When you open your eyes and see this, focus and embrace it, it expands in a way that will make you fly like nothing else can.

But like I said it takes responsibility, and this is not the easy route. But this, and this more importantly than anything else on this planet, is the key to progress, change and healing. This is power. This is integrity. And it is what the world needs most, right here, right now, this time.

When we have the courage to answer this call, to open our eyes, to focus the light and expand this power, we will change the world. It will be an infectious burst of evolution like nothing else. This potential is with us all right now, this minute, it is there. Look within. Open your eyes. Be honest.

The potential for truth is with you now. Have courage to fly.

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