Monday, August 30, 2010


Lesson #4: Trust the Universe

To make progress and achieve real authentic goals, one must trust. It's a big effort, and when you have no idea what the future will hold, it's scary. Those are real emotional fears, and it can seem difficult to move through them. I've learned the answer is trust. Find the fear, locate it, where did it come from, why? Pull it out, feel it, release it, then visualize the life that you want. Visualization is the first step, knowing in your gut, feeling, and experiencing it before it even happens. Your subconscious mind will then be on the fast track toward making it your reality, one that will serve you and the greater good for all, so it's well worth taking this path.

A lot of times, we sense the fear, we feel it creeping in, jump ten feet back, and run as fast as we can. We loath ourselves and identify US as the fear. But NO, we are not the fear. It is an emotion like any other feeling. And until we FEEL it and release it, effectively move through it, we can never come to know our own authenticity.

Today I say a mantra: I will bring my most excellent and authentic energies forward in the hopes that negative or limiting thoughts do not seep in.

What is my fear? Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being judged and looked at through a camera/lenses.

Those are several. As I separate myself from the fear, pull it out, feel it, realize that I AM NOT the fear, it is an emotion, that just is, it passes through me, as other emotions, then I am able to let my own authenticity and dreams emerge.

What are your fears? And how do you move through them?

If you have the power to visualize something, then you have the power to achieve it. In order to do that, you must trust. These fears are real, they are there for a reason, do not dismiss them, run or cover them up and especially do not identify yourself as the fear. You are not your fears. You are something radiant and big. You are something glorious with a purpose to fulfill. Fears are emotions, like everything else. Feel, release and move forward.

What do you visualize? What are your most authentic and most excellent energies? What are you doing? What do you in your gut see yourself doing? Where are you? Imagine it to the detail. Sit with it. This is reality. You have the ability to visualize because you have the ability to create. Your subconscious will begin solving problems to achieve that visualization. Your subconscious operates in pictures. It runs from fears. It's important to release your fears. In the same manner that your subconscious creates from your authentic visualizations, does it your fearful ones. Choose wisely.

Your subconscious will do it's best to bridge the gap between your visualization and reality. In order to allow this to happen, allow your most powerful success tool to be of service to you, you must trust that this is true, which it is, and release yourself from your fears. Focus on the authenticity, the vision, create a picture in your mind, as detailed as you can. Practice this, as much as you practice anything else you wish to be a master at. Then you will begin living. And living is what we've all come here to do.

Reach in your gut, find the fear. Release it. Reach in your gut, find yourself. Be it.

Good luck, and much prosperity in your journey.

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