Thursday, August 26, 2010

Light a Candle

Lesson #3: Light a Candle.

When in doubt light a candle. As you doubt, know the universe is preparing something for you, and it's not ready yet to take, it's not ready yet to chew into. It's time to wait. This is not an easy thing to do.

Light a candle and visualize this future, quietly build your strength. See the buildings, see the people working for love, see the dreams that are actualized everyday. See the mountains, the will of your mind and all that is possible.

Sometimes, when the traffic is bad, you feel like you can not take it anymore. You wonder where the trains are, the rails, the bike lanes, the folks walking, running to work. Instead you are stuck at a light. It turns green, it turns red, it turns green again, and you are still waiting. All you can see is a flood of cars, a gas station to your left, a beautiful park to your right, and you are stuck in this car. You look to see if there is a sliver of hope to turn around and take another route. There is not.

You think quietly to yourself, "this is what hell is like, bad traffic".

You wonder, where are the urban planners? Why have they forgotten smart transportation? Why was this not considered into the plan. And is there is new plan? A new draft, solutions being negotiated, developed and expanded upon? Where are the brightest thinkers? I'd like to feel the light of a room enlivened by genius.

You wonder if there is any hope, if there is anything you can do, if there is one opportunity for you to change this. Why oh why is this happening? I don't want my children to be living in a city like this. Surely there is a better way.

There are young people out there on fire with good ideas. I think the ones with experience, the ones with true genius, power and influence, should team up with these brains on fire. I've seen them. They are starting organizations. They have one good idea after the next. They are brave and resilient and have been trained very well. They are brilliant. A mentorship of sorts is the future of a better world.

So the ones that are on top, these mid-career moguls, should join forces with the up and coming passionate young fires, whose stars are alive and ready to burst. This is an important time, an important time for action. These passionate hearts, lovers of breakthroughs and visionary realities, should collaborate with the ones on top. And they should do it now. Our world needs this type of fire, this type of gold.

This potential reality is untouchable. I believe it will set grounds for a new world, a better world. It is the essence of change, power and influence of the most beneficial nature. Move, and move swift.

We need to do it now. I call this collaboration into action.

When in doubt light a candle. I am in doubt right now. I am on fire right now. I hate traffic. It disgusts me. Surely there is a better option. I know there is. I see it in the candle.

I call together the urban planners who know what they are doing, who are capable and can move mountains in a matter of hours. Let's talk.

Let's do it gracefully. Let's do it rationally. Let's do in a way that not only uses our logical minds, but our intuitive minds. I think Einstein was right when he said our imagination is more important than knowledge. Oh, Einstein had it right. I believe these guys are going in the right direction. Let's make a dream of a train in our city a reality, electric rails. I see it in the candle.

We have the technology. Things are speeding up so fast, so many changes can be made efficiently. The energy that is moving into our systems has the potential for breakthrough our human planet has never seen nor imagined. This potential power is incredible.

Rather than sit around, powerless and infuriated, let's call a meeting of the minds into action. We have the brainpower. We have the expertise. Let's bring unite it, use our left brain when we need, then the right brain for an answer, left brain for direction, and so forth. We are smart enough to know how to do this, the question rather, is our we brave enough.

We have two brains, to use them both. We are more powerful and effective this way, more capable of genius. I don't use the word genius lightly. It's a dazzling word. I see the spark in the candle. It's gold and growing so fast. I can't contain it.

There is power in what I see. It is spreading and moving fast. It is bold and gracious and big. It carries our children on to school, on to where they need to be.

I'll hop on the train.

Light a candle. Two brains. Learn to use them both.

Here is the dawning of the conceptual age. It's happening now as we speak. If you're feeling frightened and anxious, so is everyone else. Ground. Center. Breathe.

Light a candle. Find your center. Bring the problem out. What is it that you don't like? Look at it. Two brains. Intuition is a flash, a spark, a vision, left brain is the map, the guide, the compass. Intuition and the map, the compass and the vision. Two eyes, a telescope to see through.

I'm looking at the flame. I'm praying that I never have a day like this again. That I never have a powerless feeling again. That I never doubt my own potential, my own power, my own point of view.

There is an important contribution within each of us.

I see in the flame, electric rails, and my child going to school. I see bikes, and I see parks. Urban planners, what do you see? I'm interested in knowing. I am interested in collaborating, sharing visions. I am interested in creating one bright future for us all. I am interested in telling you about my vision, and using your tools, using my tools, to make it a reality.

In essence, it is about securing agreement.

In essence, it is about the candle flame and what we see together, what our linked vision portrays. We are one mind, more powerful as one mind, more visionary as one mind, more graceful, more affluent, more genuine, more brave, and incredibly more loving. Indeed, imagination is more important than knowledge, for it is the soil of the future.

Left brain, right brain, dreams we have for a very good reason. For if nature can incite such things from us, then there must be some sort of grandeur prompting our movement, there must be something we are capable of, this way must be a reality. I feel beautiful with this thought.

I'm making the call to meet urban planners. I'd love to shake your hand and speak, listen and share thoughts, secure agreements, and do the work.

I want to hop on a train, to a better life.

I'm staring at the flame of a candle.

Our world is growing so fast. We need a new system, a new infrastructure to nurture the rapid growth of movement and possibility. It will not stop, it will only grow more. Now is the time to act, to meet and to discuss. We must do something now. We must creatively collaborate and allow our systems to change and evolve, grow and expand, develop into something bright. There is genius here. Our children are growing. Our minds are growing. Our hearts are expanding. There is much potential.

In the candle flame, I see electric rails. I see buses, holding people who love to ride together, communities in agreement. I see easy access. I see bikes. I see freedom to navigate in beautifully planned city, cities we love and call home.

In the candle, I see bigger, smarter, loving, diverse people all working in the name of progress.

Ride home and be free, ride home.

In the candle, I see diversity. I see new technology. I see electric rails. I see intelligent people everywhere, no longer being taught to play small, to know less, to do less, to feel less, to be less. I see a breakthrough in civilization. I see it as real, and happening very quickly.

We are in a renaissance of times, an opening, an awakening, a blossoming of times. We must be sober, and we must be clear. We must act swift, and be confident. We must look within for power, and believe in what we see. We must come to know the truth and be strong in this flame, resilient in this honor.

In the 60s we were jaded by personas, refuges of love, drugs and rage. Now we have tools, we are educated, and we are strong. We are meant to act, a breakthrough abounds, as we are no longer stuck in the mistakes of the past. We can let them go. It is that easy. We can change the energy, and be bold. It really is that easy. We can make more of ourselves, more than our ancestors ever dreamed of. It is a new era. There is more light than we've ever known how to deal with. The most effective way to channel this, is through action. In one word: BEGIN.


Start now and be swift.

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