Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are you willing?

How willing are you to get over your personal dramas?

This is a great question to ask yourself routinely. Are you willing to accept what is going on, what is true, and to see a greater awareness? This may mean you must see things about yourself and your life that you don't want to admit. Are you willing?

Take your hands away from your ears and hear. Take the blindfold off your eyes and see. Start walking your own path at your own pace and for the love of God quit comparing yourself, it's not doing any good. Get up and live.

Miracle or grievance? Mistake or blessing? Problem or solution? Rise or suffer? It's up to you. At any given point.

It's true we all have personal dramas. The most enlightened souls have been through it. The questions are not, are you bad, how screwed up are you, how messed up has your life been, how many problems do you have. The question is: are you willing to rise? The questions are not how wrong people were to you, how many chances you didn't have, how much time you've lost, how much of your memory has been jaded by things you don't want to admit, you can barely stand, you simply want to run from. We have it. We've all been there. Our stories are different, but in one way or another we all have reasons to cry, to run, to hide. Strength doesn't just come, it's earned. It always is.

How strong will you be today? Will you rise? Will you make something out of your time? What do you have to do to get over yourself, yes I said, get over yourself. I know it hurt, but it's as simple as that. Get. Over. Yourself.

We all have/have had personal dramas. It's not a matter of how much you've been through, how sorry we are for you, how much it sucked. It sucked for a lot of people, real bad.

It's a matter of your willingness to get through it and be something more, something powerful.

The questions are: Are you willing to get over it? Are you willing to focus on something better? Something that serves you for a change? Something that's aligned with your core interests? How willing are you to step up and feel alive and real, even if it means drastically changing your life and being someone completely new.

Do it. It's worth it.

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