Saturday, November 19, 2011

I can't make cute art

I can't make cute art. Sometimes I go through phases where I tell myself to make things to sell. Do this or that because it'll be nice and marketable, it's a good lucrative idea. I can't do it. I've realized I just have to keep going with what I'm going to do. Keep going with what feels right to me. Keep going with what I'm on to. I believe that is what will carry me to my highest creative vision. That is what is in my best interest. And that is what I must do.

I believe that what is in the best interest of my higher self, is in the best interest of all.

As an artist, I don't like it when people say, "you should do.... (fill in the blank with what they think is cute)". I look at them and say, "that's a great idea...." In my head I'm thinking, "I don't foresee myself ever doing that." Then I would consider it, and try my best to fit into a mold. I'll think I shoud, I could....

I can't do it. I can't make cute art. I can only do what I'm here to do. I can only do what I'm on to. I can only do what is personal.

I am interested in the inner workings of the soul. I am interested in covering new grounds as to what human beings can potentially do. I am interested in innovation.

I am interested in self-discovery. I am interested in healing and progress and humanity. I am interested in trust and truth and compassion. I am interested in love and grace and freedom. I understand that it's all very simple. I understand that it is a matter of us all doing it the best we can with the what we have, right now. I understand that we are all capable. I am here to provide space, for myself and for others.

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