Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teach Our Children

“Without a talent nurtured and perfected, the finest instrument would stand silent.”
- U

There is nothing more sad than wasted talent. Artists have intense souls. When not used it can be devastatingly sad. You know it if you've got it in you. But often times you haven't had the opportunity.

If I ruled the world everyone would have paintbrushes and books.

Well, I don't rule the world. But I do rule my world. And I have a lot of paintbrushes and a lot of books.

If I could teach the world anything, it would be to find yourself in your imagination. Rather than teaching our children the pressures of success, how about teaching them the joys of our imagination?

It's a sensitive subject. As we humans, are sensitive creatures. One thing someone says to us when we are young can shape our entire lives. Perhaps though, the human spirit has a way of working things out. Somehow, the green leaves find the sun. Somehow, the plant grows tall. Somehow, the flower blossoms.

Teach our children to play, to frolic and to imagine. Teach them to be strong, disciplined and brave.

Teach them to create and to grow toward the light.

I've got paintbrushes, and I've got books. Martin Luther King, Jr, one of my heroes, said, "We must wage peace with the same intention of those who wage war." I wage peace with paintbrushes and books. I have plenty. I use them. I hope the world follows my lead.

Teach our children to paint. Teach our children to read. Teach our children to be aware of their beauty. We must set the bar high. There is too much at stake. We can not risk loosing such beauty.

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