Sunday, December 25, 2011

Integrity and Self-love

Today is Christmas. I am reminded of the beauty all around me. It all inspires my life. It is all infused in my work, like a thread that keeps me alive. I am reminded to admire, to trust and to notice. It's all there, right now, right here.

I have a theory that all that is really important are two things:

integrity and self-love

That's all that's important. I seek to dedicate my life to the understanding of these two things. That's all I want. I allow the rest to dissolve. I release myself from the dream that is life, the dream that is history, the dreams that were passed on to me, shared with me, molded into my consciousness. I seek to be a master of my dream, a master of my life, a master of my heart. For this I believe is what will change the world. More people awakening to the power of their lives, to the power that is them, to the power of themselves, to the power of life, inside their minds.

I believe in love and happiness and magic. It is all around us. This is a very special day. I'm glad I'm a part of it.

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