Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thriving on beauty

Some people thrive on beauty. It's as if beauty alone is enough. Everything they touch becomes beautiful. They need it like they need air. Without it their soul grows weary and sad.

There are people who need to be inspired, who need to be awake, who need to feel the joys of the heart like a constant flow of water through the bloodstream.

Without beauty they die. They wither, they fall depleted.

It's as if it doesn't matter what the thing is they do, what unfolds during their life, what they create with their hands, as long as it's beautiful, as long as it resonates with the heart.

I need beauty. I thrive on beauty. Without it I am nothing.

Beauty is universal. It is a collective language. Everyone understands it. Matters of the heart can not be spoken in words. It's a feeling. Beauty is a feeling. To understand it, is to live like an angel.

To be without it is to die.

Create or die. Create beauty, and live fully.

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