Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Beauty

My beauty is not for entertainment.

My beauty is my own divinity.

I answer to no one but my own calling,

as if my awakening is my only purpose.

My mind is not here to dance around riddles,

to hide behind palace walls,

to procreate in ways I could care less about.

My mind is here to speak.

My talent is not here

to clean banquet dishes,

to fold boring wardrobes,

to mend broken dreams.

My talent is here to sculpt,

to nurture, to manifest, to replenish,

to behold, to create visions, as if only for my own eyes.

And my eyes are the eyes of the world.

And that is what I love.

You see the days have past

when I will wait for my turn to shine,

as if it might never come.

I know no one but my own voice,

and if I sit silent any longer,

I will vanquish,

I will implode,

I will detest my own face.

And I refuse.

My beauty is divine.

My love is steadfast.

My hands are strong.

My feet know the way.

It is time to look within.

Find my own answers,

My own dreams.

Find myself.

It is true, a new dawn arises.

One in which a woman

will be recognized for her genius,

embraced for her talent,

and loved for her imagination.

My beauty is not for your entertainment.

My beauty is my own divinity.

And it is my awakening that will be what changes this world. May this be honored as the sole purpose and the driving force behind every women’s life. The rest is a natural flow and an order divine in this light.

I am not here for entertainment. I am here to express my own divinity. I am here to shine, bright, a light that only I know. And that is what will change the world.

Wake up now.

See with your eyes.

See your beauty.

Become what you love.

This was written sometime this summer, 2011, shortly after a dear friend of mine passed away. She was, and still is in my memory and heart, a gorgeous goddess and a muse in my writing and my art. I love you E, and I know you can hear me.

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