Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Diversify and Limit

Diversify your talents. Get to know everything. Do as much as you possibly can to know as much as you possibly can about everything. Play the guitar, play the saxophone, play the piano, the hand drums. If you can pick it up and do it, do it. If you have pencil and paper, write something, whatever comes up. Practice yoga, all kinds and meditate. Sing, everywhere and with anyone. Do as much as you can to expand, evolve and nurture your spirit.

And limit yourself, to one thing and be brave enough to be a master. As you diversify your talents, you will nourish your creative spirit and prepare yourself for your soul's true calling. You'll get an idea while playing a tune on the banjo, you'll see things from a new light while running in the park, your body will be postured and aligned, ready for action at your work while stretching in yoga. The benefits of daily meditation will change your life, so that you will become the best at what you do the best, what comes most naturally, what your soul needs, who you are at your core, your true self.

It is a mature artist that has considered many different materials, ideas, ways of expressing a vision, disciplines and arrived at a conscious decision to commit to your own personal vision. It takes time and work. There's no easy way to get to this point. You have to experiment and get through all the frustrations, doubts and fears just like everyone. Perseverance makes the master. Good disciplined work makes the star. If you know what you're doing, if you've decided on your scope, if you've committed to your vision, if you've limited your materials, when the great moment comes, which it will if you don't give up, you will be ready and strong. You won't flounder.

I feel very strongly about being a well rounded individual. I feel very strongly about being the master of one thing that is very personal to you. I feel very strongly that if you do this, you will attract a niche audience that needs what you have to offer. You will thrive.

Diversify and limit. Get to know who you are. Follow every impulse. There does not serve you to say, "I can't play a guitar, I'm a painter not a musician." That is limiting and will constrict you from your true potential. Figuring out how to play a song on the guitar will free space in your mind to find new ways of understanding, it will build new connections, create new memories, establish new sensations and could very well be the catalyst to powerful ideas crucial to your work. The muscle memory that you build, the sensory stimulation that awakens you and the imaginative nature of doing something that is entirely new to you will enhance the possibility of you doing your life's great work better. And that's the goal. That is always the goal.

By narrowing your focus, scope and materials, you're acknowledging to your being, that you're ready to take this work seriously. You've tried everything, you've studied what you could and now you're ready to make bold steps forward. Now your ready to create a movement, a niche, a new way of understanding, and that is priceless. That is exactly what this world needs most. You are invaluable not only to your field but to your audience. You will establish vital connections that will take you further. You might even discover something completely new that changes the world for the better. It's possible to reach these kinds of goals in this lifetime.

I am going to give this idea my best effort. Diversify and limit. Be a complete person, able to hold discussions with anyone, able to feel deeply and expand the spirit, able to perceive the world from any angle, from any possibility, able to raise consciousness and establish relationships that will carry your work on way beyond your lifetime. You will be ready for anything.

Be a priceless human being. That's what this world is hungry for.

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