Sunday, September 18, 2011

Be friendly with the unknown

Most people do everything in their power to effectively avoid the unknown. "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life", they'll say. "What's going to happen to me", they'll think. "Where will I be in 3 months, much less 5 years,", they'll ponder. I know what it's like. I've done it. I've held my breath and wasted precious moments planning, worrying and delaying. I've been a victim to what I'll call the "fear of the unknown".

I realize though, that the unknown is existentially beautiful. It is a landscape like nothing else. It is exciting. It is intriguing. It is in fact, my best friend.

Be friendly with the unknown. Otherwise, you will miss out on exactly what the beautiful unknown is revealing to you. You will miss out on your life.

Be friendly with the unknown. It's the best thing you've got. That's the honest truth. It knows your story, your motivation, your dreams better than anything else. It's got what you want.

The friendlier you are, the more it will give, the more it will favor you, the more it will reveal.

Trust me, running from the unknown is not a pleasant experience. It is painful. It is dreadful. It will keep you locked up in a cage and will destroy any chance you have of enjoying the day, enjoying freedom, enjoying experience, and that we have in abundance.

All we were meant to do in this human form, in this life, in this time, on this precious day, is grow.

We are only meant to grow. If the unknown did not exist, we would not grow. We would vanquish. We would implode. We would not be who we are.

We are meant to discover ourselves. Note: Discover.

Discover implies that you don't know already, that you are seeking, you are searching, in fact, you are living.

Being friendly with the unknown, means that you are living. You are embracing what you have with curiosity. You are asking questions with wonder. You are exploring with faith. You are trusting. You are uncovering truth, as simple as can be. Brushing your teeth, you learn. Making your, bed you learn. Walking to work, you learn. Laughing with a friend, you learn. Crying, you learn. Everything, you're learning. If you knew everything you stop living, you die. If you knew everything you would not be human. If you knew everything, you would cease to grow, and growing is all we've come here to do, in whatever shape suites your needs, whatever lessons shape your intent, whatever gifts manifest in your life.

If the unknown did not exist we would die. We need the unknown to be alive. We need the unknown to create. With curiosity, create. With wonder, create. With love, create.

If you fear the unknown, you fear the essence of being alive. You fear the essence of being yourself, and you loose a little more life, moment by moment. With each fear thought, you lessen and lessen your potential to be alive.

The unknown is your friend. With it, comes your greatest gifts, the gift of life, the gift of choice, the gift of awareness, the gift of yourself and connection to others.

Trust the unknown, and more importantly trust yourself. You're ok. You're here for a reason. That's exactly what you need to know. Feel the moment. Be joyful for what it is. Whatever it is is yours.

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