Friday, September 23, 2011

Create your own map

Creating your own map to your life is surely not the easy route to take. In fact, it is the most difficult. But also, I suspect, the most rewarding, the most exhilirating and surely the most satisfying path that there is for any individual, under any circumstance, at any time. It takes fearlessness. I believe everyone has this potential. Everyone however, is not willing to be fearless and create their own map to life.

I think there is something that happens to the spirit when you let go of knowing what's going to happen next. When you renegade your future and make it up as you go. You are forced, through necessity, to grow big. You are forced to get over yourself, to get over the past, to get over any and all drama, limitation and doubt. You are forced to succeed. Otherwise it can be incredibly tempting to sink into doubt, a fear of not "fitting in" (which is bullshit), or any other excuse the mind conceives, and there are plenty, and I suspect they are illusions. Without strength and resilience one could be all too tempted to give up, to look to someone else, something else or some other institution for answers, and this to me is death.

Create your own map. Don't give up, don't give in, it's your life and I guarantee you can make it into what you truly want and need, what is in your soul, your spirit, your higher self. It takes imagination and willpower. It's a strength of the spirit that is uncommon. It takes dedication like nothing else.

I feel this liberation could be the most precious experience. I believe that when you are forced to let go, use your own internal compass and radar, create your own rules as you live, pave your path through any and all circumstance, something happens to the spirit, you simply figure out how to attract what you want most. In no other circumstance can you do this. The ones who know what this is like are the heroes of our world, they are the ones to look up to, to admire, to congratulate. Study what they do, and then drop it like you drop everything else and find your own way. I believe it's possible. I believe it's possible to create your own map to your own life with an aware, awake and abundant heart.

Go fearlessly. The world needs more heroes. You have that potential, no matter who you are are or where you are some great power calls to you and it is very well within you.

Create your own map. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. You are that awesome.

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