Monday, September 26, 2011

Be decisive to clarify your vision.

Choice is redemptive. I'm realizing that it's not really so much about knowing what you're doing than it is about making decisions. Power is a decision.

When you take the first steps and make decision, the creative process will take over and you will figure things out as you go. There's no clear vision from the onset. You follow through the steps one by one and gradually your vision becomes clear. You are not an engineer, you are an artist. However having an engineers decisive call to action is exactly what you need.

Chances are great that what you end up with, what you develop, what you create, will be far from what you started with. It's a lot of small steps and the steps appear to you one by one as you evolve your work.

In the beginning, it is dark. You start with a hunch, a gut feeling, a vague idea. The most important part is that you start. Our creative spirit will make decisions based on the very first one. Remember, if you are afraid to make that first decision, just do something. When you do, you allow the consciousness of your being to evolve. Your brain will start figuring out what the next decisions are. It will start figuring out how to make things work. It will find its way to resolution. Your brain, the creative flow, when put together, is remarkably powerful.

There's no instruction manual for great art. All the genius's of our time know this. It is a slow and steady process and sometimes it comes together in huge leaps and bounds. Sometimes the best stuff happens with no idea what's going on.

Have courage to make decisions. And as you do, step by step, your vision will become clear.

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