Sunday, September 25, 2011

If you're not inspired, you have no mojo

If you're not inspired then you have no mojo. The worst thing for an artist is to feel creativity blocked, your personal voice stifled, the flow stuck. It's agonizing, simply agonizing.

It's not really about content, it's about style, mojo, moxie, hotness. That's what it's about. And if you don't have it, then you'll be spinning circles around yourself, no matter how good you are, how much you have to say, or how much you care. You will die.

And that's unbearable.

What do you do when your feel stifled?

Take breaks. Go on walks, breathe, relax, see a movie, physical activity, preferably outside away from everything always helps me, a connection to nature, a connection to people, dancing, singing, playing, cartwheels, listening to music, make a collage, journal, cook, turn the damn thing upside down and try it another way, radically change things, simplify, obliterate, sometimes black on all the precious parts is just what you need.

There is a way out. There is always a way out. Don't ever give up. If you're stuck, it's ok, give yourself a chance to get unstuck. That's the first step, and I believe the most important one. Giving yourself a chance.

Because if you let the agony take over, you will dig a deeper hole for yourself. You will run more circles, make more excuses, complain to more people, and there is nothing cute about this. No one wants to see, experience or feel this.

Acknowledge the block. Then move forward.

Do something a different way. Go outside, take a long walk, find a new location to work in, rearrange things, clean, detox, make a new schedule, a new agenda, leave town. There are countless approaches to unclogging your sexiness.

Changing your environment is huge. Move things around, take things out, get rid of what isn't working. Find an entirely new approach, new location, new material, new scope, whatever you need to do to feel that good vibe of your true self deep in your guts. Do it and do it well, like the moment is all you have because it is, and it's viable and real and needs to come out of your system in your most creatively charged expression. There's no excuse. You've got it in you.

If it's not working, cut it out. Don't keep it. Don't stay in the agony. It's not worth it. Acknowledge the block, then make a step in a new direction. Sometimes the tiniest of things can be just what you need to stir things up again. Don't keep letting things suck your energy. If it doesn't work, acknowledge it, then let it go, sidestep, get rid of it.

It might mean you must be strong, brave, resilient, all very noble and beautiful things that are highly regarded, sought after and looked up to. What could possibly be wrong with that? Do you see the lesson here?

This will help you later. Acknowledge your process and give yourself some credit. Most importantly, don't ever give up.

Don't ever give up. There's a way out. Your mojo is worth the effort. You came here to thrive. You deserve to thrive. You deserve your mojo, juicy, hotness.

Find a way out. Make it personal. And do it now.

It's not really about content, skill or experience. It's about style, mojo, sure fire hotness. Drop it like you mean it and then back off, let the work speak for itself.

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