Monday, October 17, 2011

Ascendancy, the moth in the night

A moth landed on my table. I am thinking of ascendency. What is freedom after all?

The moth is a messenger. I wonder what the message is?

The point is that it’s not hard. Ascension is grace. Can I say something brilliant?

To rise, to move up, through the air.

What exactly do I mean?

Woman and moth.

You can’t force great art. You can’t force spiritual ascension. You can’t force your flight.

You just do it.

That’s what I mean.

And what about the pain? The suffering? The seemingly endless plight? Does she get through it and ascend? I see, but I can’t say, I only become.

Silence is the mastery of sound. As is stillness, the mastery of truth. Freedom is simple, as is everything. I am not here to contort and delay. I am here to become. And that is what I know. Do not hesitate. No need.

Trust your own process, for that is what brings you home, that is what brings you here, that is what knows who you are.

You will find yourself. You have found yourself. I was told, get through the block and you will find

yourself. This is true. Focus on this. This is true.

"From the very beginning, art meant something very important to the people who made it. It was a correspondence of the emotions to what you saw; it wasn't knowledge. You were being at one with something eternal; something outside of yourself. And no matter how many fake things have been brought in to suit other conditions... That is still true." -Milton Resnick

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