Monday, October 31, 2011

One step at a time

One step at a time. I think there's something to be said for gentleness. There's something to be said for simply enjoying the steps you are taking. It's better to relax into the process than worry too much about what you're doing. It's better to let yourself do what it is in front of you to do, to take steps, one small thing at a time.

I grew up feeling that I was never good enough. I know what's it's like to be burned out, to feel you have to push yourself to sheer exhaustion for things to be ok. Not true. Actually the opposite of that is true.

Being gentle on the self is the most productive and beneficial state of mind you can have. Knowing that it's a long journey, you're getting there, you're on the right track, one small step at a time. It's the daily progression that makes the world go round, and it's never too soon to jump on the train of self-awareness.

I think the smaller steps you take the better. The more you like the steps the better. The more accustomed you get to framing everything you do with a self-loving, self-serving state of mind, the happier you are, and that is, after all, what life is all about. It's ok if you're just waking up to this idea. Right now is the perfect time. Trust your process and most importantly trust yourself.

Be gentle on the self. Take small steps. Enjoy the work.

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