Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When the end is actually the beginning

Sometimes you feel like you're finished. Then all of the sudden, some new bit of information comes your way and you realize that you're just getting started. My God, forgive yourself. You've never had the proper chance until now.

Sometimes I wonder what's it's like to be totally locked away and not able to associate with the outside world. Would it be miserable? Would you be able to somehow internally clear things so you may bravely start anew.

I'm wondering about a lot of things. Love for one. I've realized that what is really is important is not the search for love, to seek it, but to become aware of the barriers you've built from letting love in. I know I have walls. Sometimes they seem impenetrable. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever get knocked done. It's times like this that I decide to look inward and feel. When I feel I know the answers. They are abundantly clear. There is no question, no doubt, no hesitation.

Change is a very good thing. It means growth. It means recognition. It means a chance. Thank God for change and thank God for growth.

Growth hurts, sometimes you need to hurt. Sometimes you need to suffer. Sometimes it's this suffering that makes you who you really want to be. I wouldn't change a minute of it.

I ask myself, why does it feel like the end? And what am I beginning? I take time to reflect and the confusion passes. It is replaced by clear guidance. I am sure of what I see and feel.

Now just time, sweet time will reveal.

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