Monday, October 17, 2011

Go Boldly

This is the book that changed the world. If you are crazy enough to believe that you can change the world, then you can. Do not hesitate. You only get one life. Whatever else there is, I assure you is nothing like this one now. I guarantee it. If that’s not enough to make you get up and realize what you are worth, I’m not sure what is.

When you think that all is lost, look around you and be brave. What is lost is an opportunity to find what suites you more than anything else could. What you lost is a chance to reach inside and find what you really want. What is lost is not lost, it is found and that will never change, not now and not for all for time.

Do not hesitate.

Go boldly. For boldness is perfection. No matter how afraid you may think you are boldness is perfection, there is no right or wrong. No one can do it but yourself. No one knows the answers but yourself. No one has the magic like you’ve got it and that’s the truth, stop looking at labels. They limit you. Go where you feel drawn to go. Go where you feel powerful. Go where you rule your world, where you are most alive. Go and do not hesitate.

There is always an opportunity no matter what you’ve believed, no matter what you feel. The loss, the perceived loss, passes, no matter what you think. That is the truth.

If you’ve ever wondered, what happens if I make it? What happens if the desolated road passes. I am here to tell you it does. I am here to tell you it’s never hopeless, if you have the seeds for brilliance you can make them grow no matter the circumstance or perceived loss.

You must trust, that what was lost will come back to you in wondrous ways, in some other form, that it ascends.

Do not hesitate anymore. I am tired of hearing about pain. I am tired of hearing about loss. I am tired of not going forward. I am tired of people crying. I am tired of the pain. I leave it now. This is a choice I make, and I do not look back. Once you change you can never go back and thank God. Thank God.

Ascendancy is simple. As is the truth. Go boldly and do not hesitate.

Create what you must. Do it and dream big. Do it and believe. Do it and live your truth. Live your reality. My God I cannot look back. Why would I ever want to?

There is no life like this one. I choose to live it fully.

Boldly, you must go. Without hesitation.

The moth flies around me. I feel the power of change. I embrace it.

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