Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dealing with confusion, doubt and fear

What do you do when you are impeccably confused? When you feel the world is crashing down on you and you're not sure if you can take another step? When you are overwhelmed with options, decisions and people... When it seems there will never be a day of pure solace, for yourself, to breathe and be who you are.

This is how I feel today. And I'm asking myself questions: What do you do with confusion, doubt and fear? What do you do about the walls you have that keep you from love? What do you do when it seems like the end?

I feel this way today, so I revisited Danielle Laporte's inspirational piece, "Decide to Rise".

I realize I have two options: rise or stay stuck.

What's it going to be?

I realize that it's points like this where life tests you, to see what you're really made of, to see who you really are, to challenge your true substance.

There comes a very important point in everyone's life, where they realize time is moving fast, the brilliant now has arrived, and it is, time to rise.

They realize that nothing is stopping them but their own thought, that it is a fear of the thought of the thing that is actually greater than the thing itself.

One must rise.

Experiments and results. Use whatever it is you are going through to better understand yourself, your work and your truth.

I feel I am at that crossroads now. Do I use the strands of my broken heart to create something powerful? Or do I hide behind excuses and doubt? There are two roads. I believe my answer lies through a mighty plunge into the unknown, a blind leap of faith through the darkness, a renegade of action when it seems all is lost.

What are your challenges you are faced with?

What are your answers? How do you respond?

What do you feel?

How do you resolve life's most challenging tests?

What do you do when it seems you are at the end?

Sometimes the greatest battles, lessons, struggles, also have within them our greatest lessons, truths and successes.

I choose to believe this today. I chose to believe it is the beginning of far greater things. Only I can imagine, create with intention and work to the finish line.

Decide to rise in the words of Danielle Laporte. I think she's got the right idea.

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