Sunday, October 30, 2011

What makes great art?

Intention and feeling make great art. It's not what you have to say. It's not your skill or experience level. It's intention and feeling. It's knowing and surrendering. It's connection to yourself, your mark and the moment. That's it. That's what makes great art.

The geniuses of our time all know this. They use the secrets of magic, the timeless principles of energy and physics, the laws of the universe that all begin with one thought.

I know one may think that it's all about what you have to say, content is relevant, but it's only a point of departure for what makes one transcend. The point is transcendence, spiritual power. That is the purpose of art, to rise, to overcome, to synthesize something completely new, something that changes you, something that moves you into a better version of who you are.

It's a matter of resolution. It's transcendence of the great polarity of opposites, the dialectical issues, the dramas that arise in all of us. That is great art.

Intention. Feeling. You know it or you don't. Like all truth, it's simple.

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