Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It only "seems" scary

The first steps "seem" the scariest. Key word here is "seem". Seem means appearance, appearance means in actuality that's not really what it is. It seems so scary. Oh my god can I do this? Can I really make a bold step forward?

Yes you can. It only seems scary.

No one's looking at you.

No one's laughing at you.

No one's talking about you.

First of all, it's not your business what other people think. Second of all, they're not thinking about you, they're too worried about their own lives and what other people are thinking about them. Trust me.

So..... take those first steps. Now.

Be bold.

So what if you screw up? I guarantee you'll learn more screwing up on big bold moves that oyu make from within, than you would if you'd never tried. Guarantee.

First of all, you'll be a hell of a lot stronger no matter if you succeed or not because you tried. You did something because of an inner impulse. You're building yourself up.

Second of all, you'll have more guts, stamina and wisdom next time to actually do it right. You're bound to succeed.

Fearless Move = Strength = Your Power = Your Best = Why You're Here

And it's ok. You have permission to be as awesome as you are. It only "seems" scary. The thought of the thing is scarier than the thing itself. Reality is nothing to fear. Reality's not laughing at you. Reality wants to give you what you want so bad I can't even mention it. And that's the truth. The only way to know for yourself this truth is to trust it, to find your own process, to go for it, to take those first steps. I promise you'll be glad you did. You might even get into it. You might even rock so hard you can't imagine life any other way. You deserve to be that hot. I believe that if more people woke up to this reality we'd have a lot more fun, make more progress as a collective whole, create what we're really passionate about and we might even fall in love with ourselves, our lives and each other.

Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

It only "seems" scary. "Seem" is an appearance. It's not that scary.

It's easy. It's fun. It's simple.

Make the first steps. I encourage you.

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