Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If you do one thing right in this lifetime, love yourself. And forget the rest.

If you do one thing right in this lifetime love yourself, and forget the rest. That makes sense to me. I have this feeling, that that's really what it's all about. That's the heart of it all. To know yourself, is to love yourself, and to love yourself, is to love the whole world. That is your only responsibility. That is all that matters.

When you love yourself, something happens in the unconscious collective. You provide space for others to do the same, without ever realizing it, without ever trying. You give permission for others to awaken, to shine, to reach their full potential. You encourage, just by sheer magic force of you doing it. You lift the threshold, with the intent to heal. Nothing will go wrong in this frame of mind. There will be balance like never before.

And in realizing the balance, one realizes that there really is no balance to life. There is a strange evolution. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it sings, sometimes it glows, sometimes it's dim and dark, sometimes it's soaring.

I think the secret to being happy is realizing that there is no balance. There is never anything that you "should" be doing. This limits the adventurous spirit, and if you ask me, it limits the possibilities.

Saying you "should" do anything is implying that you're not doing something now. It's saying you need fixing, it's a refusal to see what you already have, to see the abundance at your footsteps, to see the magic of your gifts, right here within you.

Everything is right now. You are never in a place to say "I should" to anything, ever. Anytime you start saying "should", take note. What's going on? What are you feeling? What are you reaching for? It's better to know what it is you want, the inner mystery of your soul's calling, the stirring of your heart, the child that is always hungry for release, the creature that is wild and young and free.

I don't believe in growing up, and I don't believe that you "should" do anything. I believe your only obligation is to know who you are. In doing so, you will rise above the levels of deep unconsciousness and illuminate the world at just the right place, at just the right time.

Your heart will sing. It is the only way for you to serve the world. If your heart is not alive, you can't make any changes, you can't help anyone, you can't really make progress. You will be forcing yourself, living someone elses life, someone elses dreams, someone elses legacy. And there is no glory there. None that I can see.

What does it mean to love yourself?

Who are you?

What do you like?

What will make you happy?

Everyone has different answers to these questions, as they should. Thank God they do. If they didn't what would this world be? Machines? Dismal circuitry? Drones, cogs, lifeless human flesh is the saddest thing I can think of.

Awaken. Inspiration awaits. It always does.

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