Monday, October 10, 2011

Face your dreams.

Face your dreams.

What if your slate was wiped clean right here and right now and you were free to do and become whatever your heart desired? What would be the first mark you would make on the new clean slate?

What would you become?

What lies underneath the blocks?

Why are you doing this work? To feel what? To be what?

You are ok to ask the questions. You are ok to not to know. You are allowed to expand through uncertainty and to explore.

You are allowed to ask the question. To sit with it. To not know.

That perhaps could be the most important thing you do in your lifetime. And that first mark, the most profound step. It is true, it is also the scariest.

What if you were free to face your dreams? What if the pain went away? Then what?

Take a minute to reflect, to dream, to ask the question.

Who are you? What do you want? What will make you happy?

Your slate is clean.

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