Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't talk about magic

Don't talk about magic. Just feel and know. Remember that it's real. Remember that there is more to life than meets the eye. Remember shooting stars and light on water and all that's right about a smile.

Remember that you'll always have what you need if you believe it. Remember that it'll come to you.

If you believe that it will come, then it will. It always does. And it always comes at just the right time. That is the way of magic.

It will always bring you what you need, and you won't want anything else in the world.

But you can't talk about it, or it doesn't work.

You have to take chances and act on your gut instincts. You have to rise up and greet the stars. You have to show up and believe that you will be surrounded by insight and the gifts of wonder.

There is magic all around, waiting to be revealed and experienced. This is one thing that the universe has in abundance. This is one thing that we always have access to. However mundane your task may seem, there is magic.

It is meant to be absorbed, like aromas. It is meant to be felt, like drumbeats. It is meant to take you higher and carry you on for as long as you will allow.

There's no right or wrong. There's no tomorrow or yesterday. There is a kind of play, in which one must always trust, that there is always enough, and always a time to jump into the story. And it is exactly the right time for you, exactly where you need to be, exactly where you will flourish.

We don't grow old in a magical place. We don't answer to anyone. We don't expect anything.

We play. We dance. We feel.

We breathe in crisp air. Turning circles. Making love. Feeling alive. Like children, we are.

There is magic everywhere. No need to speak a word about it. Catch the wind. Jump into the story. Greet the stars, with arms outstretched.

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